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Tony Blair: Brexit Wrecker

The inability of British Prime Minister Theresa May to negotiate an exit strategy from the EU sufficient with which to garner support from members of Parliament, has led to a chorus of criticism from anti-Brexiteers, who have used the paralysis in May’s government, as an auspicious occasion to argue for the necessity of taking another referendum.

One of the most prominent members in the ranks of the anti-Brexiteers, is former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Blair, a European elite, one-worlder and Bill and Hillary Clinton chum, personifies perfectly all that is wrong with European political elites.

Blair has openly advocated discarding the will of British voters by holding another referendum on the issue of leaving or staying within the EU. He has unabashedly met with leaders of the EU to subvert the will of Great Britain’s voters by fervently working to sabotage Brexit.

In his exalted opinion, Blair, as well as his fellow anti-Brexiteers, essentially believes the people who once elected him to office, were simply too ignorant and backwards to understand the consequences of their original decision to sever the relationship with the EU. To call his views condescending would be an understatement.

The explanation offered by British elites for the ignominious rejection they suffered on Brexit, is that the voters were either ignorant, or easily duped into believing the exit from Europe would be problem-free.

Blair’s persistent, arrogant and anti-democratic efforts to keep Britain within the EU have become so brazen, that it prompted an unprecedented, stinging rebuke from current Prime Minister, Theresa May.

May delivered a broadside against Eurocrat and Brexit wrecker Blair,

“For Tony Blair to go to Brussels and seek to undermine our negotiations by advocating for a second referendum is an insult to the office he once held and the British people he once served.

May continued,

We cannot, as he would, abdicate responsibility for this decision. Parliament has a democratic duty to deliver what the British people voted for.”

Blair is symptomatic of the enormous rift that has developed within the past ten years between the political preferences of democratically elected leaders and those of the voters they are ostensibly supposed to serve. Blair provides a typeset for the corrupt, anti-democratic political leadership that unsurprisingly now finds itself embroiled in conflict, as their globalist policies and prescriptions are being rejected by the voters, who are tired of their authoritarianism, condescension and arrogance.

Blair, like French President, Emmanuel Macron, is a firm believer in global warming, European integration and open borders. Elites like Blair and Macron, don’t feel any need to ask the voters whether they share these policy priorities. Prime Minister May reminded Blair, that in no small measure, it was his open border policies that spurred millions to vote for leaving the EU.

Anti-Brexiteers want the British people to surrender their sovereignty and allow their future to be determined by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels: Tony Blair and his transnational allies are OK with this; the British people are not.

Blair’s view on the anachronistic nature of the nation-state, perfectly aligns with that of Macron and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Macron urges the French people to reject nationalism in favor of “shared European values.” Macron’s view of the nation-state was best described when he was asked by a Danish student, about the future of national identities in Europe, Macron said that “the ‘true Dane’ does not exist — he is a European.” German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has a similarly dim view of national sovereignty.

The shared values of the elite Eurocrats have been thoroughly rejected by the voters in Britain, France and in Germany who realize, that political decisions will be made and administered by unelected technocratic elites, who will unilaterally implement policies and issue directives without any input from those who will be affected by their edicts.

Blair personifies perfectly the anti-Democratic European technocrat, whose unwavering attitude on Brexit is that it should be scrapped because those who don’t have the privilege of residing in the international multicultural hub of London, were simply not enlightened enough to appreciate the unequivocal blessings EU membership would bring. In short, another vote is required so that the people can obey the directives of their intellectual and moral superiors.

What is rarely acknowledged by those insisting on another vote, is the not insignificant fact that a legitimate and decisive vote on the matter was already taken. The problem? The result was not to the liking of the anti-Brexiteers. Blair’s insistence on another Brexit vote personifies the Brussels way: keep voting on an issue until the desired result is achieved.

Do the explanations offered by anti-Brexiteers for how they lost the election sound familiar? When viewed from across the pond, the tenacity of the British elites’ efforts to overturn the will of the voters, reveals a common playbook shared and employed by all transnational elites.

A common theme that permeates both Brexit and the 2016 election in the U.S. is the following: it is entirely appropriate for elites to question the legitimacy of democratic elections, if the outcome is not the one they desired. After the last U.S. presidential election, the same theme of voter ignorance used to justify overturning Brexit was repeatedly employed by the mainstream media-Democratic Party-Complex to help assuage distraught Hillary supporters.

Here is NBC’s Chuck Todd, resurrecting Democrats favorite meme that the only reason Hillary lost the 2016 presidential election, is because Trump voters were ignorant or too gullible,

“I knew the gaslighting was out there. I knew it was every day,” Todd

said. “But I think there was part of me in my head assumed people

were discerning it out, knew the BS from the non-BS. So, I think what my sort of shock to the system was just sort of how gullible a big chunk of the country was to this and gullible because maybe they want to be.”

In short, there is a remarkable confluence of opinion between British elites and their American anti-Trump counterparts, for explaining how they were defeated at the ballot box.

As far as UK elites are concerned, Britain’s Brexiteers are nothing more than Hillary’s deplorables with an English accent.

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