Why Do Samantha Bee and Joy Reid Still Have Jobs?

Any fair minded and intelletually honest person must be wondering, why do Samantha Bee and Joy Reid still have their talk show host jobs? Last Weednesday night, Bee referred to Ivanka Trump, the first daughter, as a “feckless c. t.”

The answer is really quite simple. Liberal talk show hosts and comedians in general, enjoy progressive immunity for any criticism or invective levelled at conservatives and president Trump. They’re members of a protected class: progressives women who have talk shows. National Review’s David French quite properly calls it, “progressive peer-group privilege.”

Despite recent discovery of homophobic, anti-semitic and 911 truther posts from a blog she maintained earlier, MSNBC host Joy Reid, to date, has the full support of the liberal network.

The media in general and Hollywood in particular, are an intergral component of the Democratic Party’s new coalition of the ascendant. Democratic politicians need the movie moguls money (see, e.g., Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton practically embracing at one of her fundraisers.) Those in the entertainmet industry aren’t going to cashier thier colleagues for misconduct because they are all fellow liberals and since Trump, in the eyes of progressives, represents a mortal threat to the Republic, family members are fair game.

As David French notes,

No reasonable person thinks Samantha Bee would still have a job at TBS if she used the same terrible language to insult Chelsea Clinton or Michelle Obama. No reasonable person believes that MSNBC would stick with a conservative for so long in the face of anything like the steady drumbeat of outrageous revelations (excused, in part, by dubious claims of hacking) about Joy Reid’s old work.

At the root of the phenomenon of progressive double standards is the sanctimonious and mistaken belief in their innate moral superiority. Given this premise, political opponents aren’t merely wrong in thier philosphical convictions taht are at odds with progressive dogma, they are evil; they are racists; they are homophobes; they are misogynists, etc., etc. For progressives, the only appropriate descriptive language for such miscreants are the most extreme terms supplied by the English language. That is why Trump is never referred to as a right-wing conservative, but rather, as a Nazi, a man who wants to tear “immigrant” children from their parents.

When Donald Trump tweeted,

what would happen if that word had been directed at Michelle Obama or one of her two daughters: “You think they’d still have a TV show?” the obvious answer to that question is a resounding No.

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