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Trump’s Impeachable Offense? He Won the 2016 Election

The unrelenting assault by the media-democratic party complex is payback for Trump’s dethroning Hillary from her rightful prize

Victor Davis Hanson is correct when he noted recently, that the great and unforgivable infraction for which Trump must atone, was defeating the First. Woman. President. Trump derailed the identity politics march of history in a direction not favored by Democrats and their handmaidens in the media.

In order to gain a better understanding for why the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex’s has engaged in multiple and historically unprecedented attempts to subvert Trump, from the moment he was nominated and drive him from office, some perspective will proved instructive and that requires turning back the clock…

In order to understand fully the psychosis currently gripping the mainstream media, one must first appreciate the enormous effect Trump’s upset victory had on the mindset of political journalists. For the media, Trump’s electoral triumph wasn’t merely the disappointment that ordinarily follows when one’s candidate of choice fails to win. It was a seismic event, not only unparalleled in recent American political history, but also, unrivaled in the impact it had on journalists, especially “objective” reporters, who had prostrated themselves before Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

Trump’s interfering, or bending the progressive identity politics arc of history in an impermissible direction, was the single most important factor that spurred the tsunami of media criticism and outrage. Every other unflattering characteristic of Trump, every one of his foibles, all, were in the end, irrelevant and purely incidental, as an incitement for the mainstream media’s bitterness.

Trump didn’t just defeat Hillary, he obstructed the predestined dialectical

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forces of progressivism. After the epic ascension of Obama, the nation’s first black president, history decreed this was to be followed by the inexorable election of America’s first woman commander in chief.

Thus, for the political/media elite, the greatest infraction for which Trump must atone was derailing the gender-centric candidacy of Hillary. Nothing else Trump did or said throughout the campaign or on election night warranted the obloquy of the press corps as much as this unforgivable sin. Journalists would make certain that Trump’s malfeasance did not go unpunished. The media was intent on exacting its pound of flesh from this interloper.

The 2016 candidate who journalists jokingly treated as a novelty item and circus clown turned the tables on complacent members of the media. Their arrogance, made them certain they had made Trump a target, when in fact, it was he, who had long ago during the primaries, put a bullseye on their backs.

Trump’s victory also induced a collective state of stupefaction among members of the media because their predictions and expectations were so thoroughly flawed.

Yet, instead of providing the occasion for introspection and an honest assessment of the reasons why the smartest woman in the world was bested by a political neophyte, the media and Hillary supporters instead exploded into public expressions of convulsions. The resulting fury produced the Russian collusion chimera, the Kavanaugh hearings and now, Ukraine-gate.

All of the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex’s assaults against Trump share this one trait in common: they are all attempts to paint the president as somehow illegitimate — a term recently used by Hillary — that employed a political strategy to assuage the pain and stupefaction of Hillary and her dumfounded supporters, to help them nurture their delusion, that since Hillary was predestined to be president and the smarter candidate, her loss must be due to collusion or Trump’s acting in concert with foreign governments.

Many people seem to forget, that it was Hillary who planted the seed of Russian collusion shortly after her defeat, to try and subvert Trump and paint his victory as illegitimate.

So far, with the media in her pocket from the start of the election, she has been wildly successful.

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