The Shame of Hollywood’s Leading Liberal Men

The stories coming out of Weinsteinwood* are starting to unravel. What is now coming to the fore (as if the rest of the country is surprised) is that the sanctimonious progressive champions — yes, those same men who eagerly jumped on the First. Woman. President. bandwagon looked the other way while Harvey Weinstein, the corpulent, casting couch creep, was assaulting Hollywood women for decades.

All of the leading men and ladies of tinseltown swear adamantly that they weren’t aware of Weinstein’s depredations. Matt “Miramax” Damon, Ben Affleck, etc., they all didn’t know, of course. Damon’s initial, carefully worded statement that he didn’t see any instance of sexual abuse, is as ridiculous as it is disingenous. So, I guess that ends the the inquiry, Right? Of course Damon didn’t see any sexual harassment. Weinstein, I’m sure didn’t send Matt an invitation to watch him while young starlets gave him a “massage” in his hotel room.

The latest to plead this “I didn’t know this was going on” giddy nonsense is George Clooney. Here is what Clooney offers as his feeble defense to whether or not he had knowledge of the debauchery run rampant in the studios of Hollywood: “Whoever had that story and didn’t write it should be responsible,” Clooney said. “I want to know what kind of ad dollars were spent from the Weinstein Company and Miramax … I’m furious … I want to know who knew.”

Maureen Callahan, of the New York Post, puts the lie to this Clooney whooper,

 “Aside from the well-documented attempts by many media outlets to break this story over three decades, maybe Clooney need look no further than his friend Matt Damon. In 2004, apparently at Weinstein’s behest, Damon reportedly called a New York Times reporter to shut down an exposé about the mogul’s sexual predation. (Damon has denied knowing anything about the story’s content.)” In other words, the Matt Damon/ Ben Affleck duo, who got their start from Weinstein with Good Will Hunting, don’t come out of this tale of depravity with much of their integrity intact.

It is one thing to engage in blissful ignorance because of career concerns. It is entirely another matter, to ignore the moral turpitude that was pandemic and then talk down to the rest of the country with contempt and disdain all the while acting as if you were preaching from some lofty perch.

One thing is for certain, none of the Hollywood actors acquitted themselves well.

  • I didn’t coin the phrase. I read it courtesy of a Conrad Black article
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