The Execrable Lanny Davis Lies About Trump Tower Meeting

Longtime Clinton lackey, and fixer, Lanny Davis, returned to the political scene recently. Davis is a master of mendacity, a known and skillful liar; corrupt to the core. He was one of the smear artists that defended the Clintons during the plethora of scandals that erupted during the 1990’s.

Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, the missing Rose Law firm billing records, wherever and whenever a Clinton scandal erupted, there was the ubiquitous Lanny Davis, defending the Bonnie and Clyde of America politics on all the cable TV shows. In short, the man, like the couple to whom he has been indelibly wedded, has no shame.

True to form, the unrepentant Davis has admitted recently that he spread a false story and then lied about being the source.

Davis agreed to represent Michael Cohen, the former Trump lawyer and confidant, now turned informer. Davis suggested that Cohen could implicate Trump in crimes related to obstruction, collusion and violations of campaign-finance laws.

Davis went further and claimed that Trump had advanced knowledge about Russian hacking of Clinton campaign advisors communications as well as Democratic Party emails. Davis also said there was evidence that Trump approved the notorious meeting with Russian intermediaries in Trump Tower.

CNN, using Davis as one of their sources, ran with the story under its now hackneyed “Breaking News” bombast.

After weeks of driving the story, Davis came forward to say that, in fact, that his client, Cohen had no evidence whatsoever of the Trump Tower meeting. Then, when asked if he was the source of the erroneous story, he issued an unequivocal denial. Davis told CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “I think the reporting of the story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation. We were not the source of the story.”

Two days ago, Davis in a stunning reversal, admitted to being the source of the fabricated story. Law Professor, Jonathan Turley, recounts Davis mea culpa. As Turley notes,

“Davis’ denial came as a surprise, since various reports pegged him as the source. Finally, last night, Davis admitted being the source of the false story on the Trump Tower briefing and lying about it when subsequently challenged; he told BuzzFeed that “I made a mistake. I did not mean to be cute.” Well, it’s a tad beyond cute”.

Since Davis’s skullduggery represents conduct that is inconsistent with the ethical duties of an officer of the court, at a minimum, he should be disbarred.

Not only was Davis knowingly pushing a false and defamatory story about Trump, in the process, he most likely did his “client” grievous harm. As Turley notes,

“Worse yet, the story planted by Davis, if true, would have implicated his client, Cohen, in false statements made to Congress, since Cohen previously denied such knowledge. In other words, the story was not just false but potentially put his client in jeopardy.”

What is even more astonishing, CNN, who used Davis as a source, has steadfastly refused to retract the false story and apologize. This is the same CNN that has been forced to retract a number of stories on the Trump Russian Collusion narrative, that were later proven to be demonstrably false.

Since it is the “Get Trump” network, CNN’s posture should come as no surprise.

In the meantime, Trump is having a field day hammering CNN for its manifestly irresponsible conduct.

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