The Crisis on Our Southern Border: Migrant Children Separated From Their Parents

Some may think that the recent executive order Trump signed yesterday allowing migrant children to remain with their parents ends the crisis at the border. Not satisfied after shouting from the rooftops about how Trump’s hard line separation policy was akin to Nazism, the Democrats through presidential hopeful and open borders advocate, Kamala Harris, now have adopted the view that detaining families that stay together is also unacceptable.

If there were any question that the Democratic Party was using this crisis for PR purposes and at heart, believes there should be no southern border at all, this Tweet from Harris will dispel any doubts:

This Executive Order doesn’t fix the crisis. Indefinitely detaining children with their families in camps is inhumane and will not make us safe.

Until recently, the media has completely avoided and/or deliberately omitted the fact that during the Obama Administration, children were housed in cages and other deplorable temporary holding cells. There were pictures circulated on Twitter recently by liberals hoping to paint Trump in the worst light possible. The entire attempt at slander backfired, when it was discovered that the photographs were actually taken during the Obama Administration.

There is also an AP story that was circulated initially by liberals aiming to achieve what the earlier Twitter photographs could not. This second attempt has backfired as well when upon scouting the dates were not favorable for a another Trump is a monster story. The story concerns physical abuse at a Virginia juvenile detention center that occurred when Obama was president.

Reports are finally trickling out about Obama carrying out the same policies that liberals find so repugnant. As Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reminds those Democrats who have been calling Trump evil incarnate, the practice acually started under president Obama:

By this time, most readers here already know that the practice actually began well before Trump won his election, and in some cases before he even officially began his run for the presidency.

Morrissey then refers to a McClatchy report:

President Barack Obama separated parents from their children at the border.

Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities. …

Obama took several actions that led to an outcry of fear and distrust, though his actions failed to get the attention the Trump administration has.

The only acknowledgement from the media that conditions in some places under the Obama regime were as allegedly deplorable as the current conditions of housing under Trump, comes from of all places, via CNN.

Watching a Democratic Senator try to respond to host Tammy Baldwin’s question as to why she didn’t complain when Obama kept unaccompanied illegal kids in cages is cringe-worthy, but must-see TV.

As John Hinderacker of PowerLine tellingly notes,

Liberals have been playing a cynical game, misrepresenting the facts and relying on emotion to whip up hatred of the administration. The last thing they care about is illegal alien children. (Or, as many have pointed out, the much larger number of American children who are separated from parents because the parents commit crimes and go to prison, just as the illegal alien parent has committed the crime of illegal entry.

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