Strange. Not one Democrat Has Heard of Governor Northam’s Infanticide Comments

Earlier in the week, Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, heartily endorsed, without equivocation, a bill proposed by delegate Nancy Tran that would have permitted abortions up to moment of delivery. Despite the fact that Tran herself, the sponsor of the bill, tried to backtrack when there was an outpouring of protest, Northam reaffirmed his earlier whole hearted endorsement of the gruesome procedure.

Despite the immediate revulsion expressed by many politicians, not one prominent member of the Democratic Party when questioned in Washington claimed they heard his controversial comments.

Allahpundit, writing in Hot Air, provides a nice background concerning the extent of the media buzz and amount of coverage surrounding Northam’s controversial comments,

“That’s a real headscratcher, I tell you what. Big coverage yesterday in right-wing media, some in mainstream media, plus public condemnation by multiple Republican senators. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Sasse all chimed in, with Sasse calling Northam to “get the hell out of office” if he can’t refrain from supporting infanticide. And this is all taking place amid a battle over abortion laws in two blue states, New York and Virginia, the latter still something of a battleground in presidential elections.”

The Washington Democrats “hear no evil” stunt won’t fly.The idea that Senate Democrats hadn’t heard of the matter because the mainstream media was exercising restrain until all the facts were in should be debunked, as Senator Ben Sasse lit up the Senate floor with his condemnation of Northam’s comments.

It’s obvious that the party of abortion, was disavowing a Democrat, whose position on abortion, is in line with the mainstream thinking within the increasingly radicalized Democratic Party. Northam simple declared the party’s position publicly, something Democrats are reluctant to do, lest voters are presented with an unvarnished view of the party’s actual positions on certain divisive issues.

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