Should Joe Biden Be A Registered Sex Offender?

MeToo opportunists are treating him like one

Should Joe Biden be a registered sex offender. Of course the question is preposterous, but one would be forgiven for asking whether the opportunistic MeToo crowd isn’t treating him like one. The proscribed punishment being meted out to him by toxic feminists is worse than the obloquy sex offenders must endure. Any intelligent and rational discussion concerning Biden’s conduct ought to begin by asking,: does the manner in which Biden has been forced to atone fit the alleged crime committed, or is it another instance of fanning the flames of MeToo extremism. The groverling Joe Biden apology tour is great political theater for progressives; it provides another opportune moment for indignant chest-thumping so as to play the victim card that feeds identity politicos beast’s perpetual need for grievance-mongering. It also provides an auspicious occasion for free publicity for ambitious politicians.

Fortunately, some commentators are punching back against the toxi feminists. Andrea Peyser calls the hysteria unwarranted and completely out of proportion to any actual suffering endured. Peyser is correct when she notes that many feminists act as if the once-off incident was a life-changing event that visited upon the hapless Joe Biden womaen victims irreparable harm. suffered by the women affected after the once-off incident. Peyser notes the delirium has spread dangerously like an illness and threatens to engulf the country in strict and ludicrous protocols or regulations that will do nothing but prevent men and women from interacting in a natural manner.

“The insanity has spread like measles. Once, a man

who gave a lady a friendly pat, a shoulder rub or an

encouraging peck on the noggin was either thanked

profusely, ignored or simply asked to stop.

Women, it was presumed, weren’t so powerless as

to be unable to avoid unasked-for contact. Whatever

happened to telling a pesky guy to scram? That is no longer an option.

Now, men can be subjected to the kind of shaming the late George H.W. Bush endured

in his final days by angry women who claimed that pats on the backside dished out by

the nonagenarian Republican ex-president from his wheelchair amounted to sexual


The sickening display of hyperbole engaged in by aspiring politicians is nauseating. It is but another example of the rapidly changing norms that progressives and NeToo feminists are seeking to impose on the country that would forever change the normal relations between men and women and the manner in which they relate with one another.

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