Sexual Predators Are Giving Men a Bad Name

Oh, Oh. Another man in the broadcast news business behaving very badly has been exposed. CBS dropped the hammer on long-time anchor and reporter Charlie Rose, after several women came forward alleging sexual harassment. Some of the details are rather revolting: A graduate of the Harvey Weinstein school of perversion, Rose was alleged to have paraded around naked, in front of work colleagues.

CBS had moved quickly Monday to suspend Rose, 75, after the Washington Post reported that day that eight women said they were subjected to inappropriate behavior while working with him. The story said Rose made unwanted sexual advances, appeared nude in their presence or groped them. His PBS talk show also was halted and there was no immediate update on the long-term status of the program.

Glenn Thrush of the New York Times and now the venerable Charlie Rose. Each new passing day seems to bring a torrent of accusations of sexual misconduct across the spectrum of professions and occupations. One theory of why rich and powerful men engage in despicable acts is that former president Bill Clinton and his Democratic supporters were responsible for defining deviancy down in terms of what constitutes moral turpitude and depravity. Perhaps some sexual predators reasoned If Clinton, as president of the United States, managed to get reelected after the Monica Lewinsky scandal and survived unscathed by the allegations of sexual assault by others including a very credible accusation of rape, why wouldn’t other men in positions of power think they could escape scrutiny?

Many of Clinton’s supporters, particularly prominent feminists, were prepared to look the other way because his position on abortion mirrored their own.This was the modus operandi for years of Harvey “Four C’s”* Weinstein.

What was one of the first comments Weinstein made immediately after his depredations were made public? He promised that after his stint in rehab, he was going to go after the NRA! As if his misconduct was to be excused or ignored, like Clinton’s, because he was a champion of policies favored by liberals.

In the meantime, miscreants who are being exposed daily are giving men a bad name. Perhaps one explanation for their deviant behavior is that evolution has seemingly passed these homo sapiens by. In their relations and interactions with female co-workers, many are behaving no better than Cro Magnon man.  Although this unfairly gives cave men a bad name.

*corpulent casting couch creep

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