Republican Steve Scalise Shot By Anti-Trump, Anti-GOP Democrat and Bernie Sanders Supporter

From the moment this story broke about a shooting at a Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, there has been much speculation as to the shooters motives and whether the attack was politically motivated.

As of 11:40 AM EST, here is what we know according to The Washington Post: The man who shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others, including two Capitol Police Officers, has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill. There has been unverified reports that the gunman, before shooting inquired: “Are those Republicans or Democrats,” with reference to the individuals playing on the field. The earlier report that the gunman wanted to know the party affiliation of those on the field has recently been confirmed by Rep. Jeff Duncan, who has identified Hodgkinson as the man with whom he spoke before the attack.

Postings from Hodgkinson’s Facebook page indicate that he was an avid Bernie Sanders fan who loathed the President and his supporters: “Trump & Co must be destroyed.” Like many Democrats, Hodgkinson was distraught over the election results.

It now has been confirmed that Hodgkinson died from his wounds during the shootout with police. Further information on Hodgkinson indicates that he was unhinged and harbored great animosity towards Republicans in general and Trump in particular, who he believed was an illegitimate President.

It is sad and distressing that some on the Left have taken to Twitter to express their glee over the fact that some of the targeted victims were Republicans. There will be a number of questions that will need to be addressed in the wake of this tragedy. We don’t yet know whether Hodgkinson was so mentally unstable that his condition was the proximate cause that precipitated the attack.

However, the timing of this event is significant. Ever since the election, Democrats and their fellow travelers on the Left, including Hillary Clinton, have   never recovered from their shock and dismay that they lost the election to a former Reality TV star and political novice. There has never been one moment of serious introspection on the part of Clinton and the Democrats concerning the unpleasant fact that Clinton lost because she was a dreadful candidate, mired in a swamp of scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation and her private email server about which she lied publicly, prodigiously and repeatedly. Outside of her gender, she could not offer voters any compelling reasons for why she should be President.

Rather than addressing these uncomfortable truths that would reflect poorly on the judgment of party elites who embraced Clinton without reservation, Democrats began advancing a narrative that Trump stole the election by cheating Hillary out of her rightful prize by intentionally colluding with the Russians. The extent of the Democrats ire, and the tenacity with which they have leveled  defamatory and wholly unfounded accusations against Trump and some of  his advisors and cabinet members, has created a poisonous and acrimonious post-election environment.

Reasonable disagreement and political dialogue has been supplanted by a cacophony of rumor mongering, a drumbeat of false reporting, and a never-ending and intentional media strategy to upend Trump’s presidency. Since his election, all the power centers of Washington have been allied against him. The Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex has conducted a non-stop orgy of irresponsible reporting and commentary that is not only unprecedented, but that also seeks to deliberately suggest that Trump is an illegitimate President, who stole the election from the nations’s first potential woman president through malfeasance, and dastardly coordination with the Russians.

Since the first impulse of some Democrats in the wake of tragic shootings  is to hold tea party, other conservatives and gun owners responsible, it is only fair, once the dust settles, to conduct an honest assessment as to whether the anti-Trump frenzy deliberately concocted by the Democrats played any role in this seemingly politically-motivated tragedy.

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