Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study to Honor Hillary Clinton with Award

It is amazing how many myths about politicians endure and continue to thrive even in the face of adverse revelations or facts that prove to be wholly at odds with the facade or public fable of the particular politician.

Examples abound: e.g., there are those who proclaimed Obama as the next Lincoln before he ever set foot in the Oval Office; after his inauguration, he was constantly characterized by liberal commentators and historians as the smartest president in history; the Southern Poverty Law Center of the 21st century continues to be viewed as a key player in the fight for civil rights, despite it being no more than a shakedown operation that maliciously defames groups and organizations with differing political views; for years, we heard what geniuses Al Gore and John Kerry were compared to George W. Bush, who was often caricatured as wearing a dunce cap (“strategery”)

Upon scrutiny, many of these myths collapse or cannot withstand the most cursory due diligence into their veracity, yet the media continues to perpetuate the falsehoods.

The list goes on and on…

For years, Hillary Clinton, has been revered as an object of liberal mythology. For decades we have been told that she was a brilliant lawyer, an independent woman of great accomplishment; a feminist and champion of women’s rights; a tireless advocate for children and a stellar Secretary of State.

Upon examination, the myths surrounding Hillary, like so many other fabrications created by ambitious and ruthless politicians, their media enablers and supporters, evaporate, like a popsicle in the hot Florida sun.

Given the demonstrable fabrications concerning Hillary’s aptitudes, personality, political acumen, character traits and substantive accomplishments proselytized by her media advocates as well as the indispensable role her husband played in her career advancement, it is astonishing, yet unsurprising, that the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study has awarded Hillary the Radcliffe medal.

Previous recipients of the annual award for those who have had “a transformative impact on society,” include Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Billie Jean King and Sandra Day O’Connor.

Lizabeth Cohen, the dean of the Radcliffe Institute, noted the award to Clinton was being made “in recognition of her accomplishments in the public sphere as a champion for human rights, as a skilled legislator, and as an advocate for global American leadership.” Dean Cohen went on to describe Clinton as “a model of what it takes to transform society: a lifetime of relentless effort combined with the vision and dedication to overcome one’s inevitable defeats.”

Back here on the planet earth, Roger Kimball writing in American Greatness, reviews the prerequisite qualifications and accomplishments required for recipients against the actual and undisputed professional and political history of Hillary Clinton.

Kimball notes that,

Many readers, dazzled by the memory of Clinton’s recent presidential campaign, may be a bit shaky about her long history of private-sector accomplishment and public service. Here, without pretending to anything like completeness, are a few highlights.

The list he has prepared contrasting the myths surrounding Hillary with reality is quite telling.

Kimball’s sardonic takedown of those at the Radcliffe Institute who truly believe that Hillary embodies the qualities on which the award is based is caustic and a must read.

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