Rachel Mitchell Didn’t Help Republicans or Kavanaugh

Which Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee came up with the idea of ceding their allotted time for questioning to an Arizona Sex Crimes prosecutor? Mitchell is an accomplished prosecutor with over twenty years experience. Her qualifications as an attorney are not in doubt. The question is why did Chairman Grassley think an attorney that prosecutes alleged victims of sexual assault would be a good interrogator for a woman who claims she is a victim of sexual assault committed by Kavanaugh?

Is it because Joy Behar complained that the Republicans on the Committee were all White men? What Grassley and other Republicans didn’t seem to grasp was that bringing in a woman attorney to question Ford wouldn’t appease the Democrats, nor would it placate the identity politics lunatics on the left, such as Behar and her fellow travelers.

The forum of the proceeding was anathema for eliciting inconsistencies in Christine Blasey Ford’s earlier testimony and allegation. Mitchell, conducted herself, as if she was back in a courtroom with an unlimited amount of time to question the witness and attempt to assail her credibility.

As such, Mitchell wasted precious time with formalities that are commonplace in a deposition or at trial.

As it became painfully clear after a short period of time, Republican members of the Committee would have been better off questioning Ford themselves.

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