Partisan Bickering Will Continue Unabated Until Mid-Term Elections

Calls for the impeachment of president Trump continue unabated by many Democrats. Enamored with the prospect that Special Counsel Robert Mueller with his Inspector Javert zeal, will find fresh evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Trump in connection with the media’s wholly fabricated Russian collusion narrative.

Many of those afflicted with Trump-Derangement Syndrome, had been fervently hoping that Trump would be impeached based on the testimony of his one-time lawyer, Michael Cohen, who claimed that Trump had knowledge of the infamous Trump Tower meeting between campaign staff and Russian agents. In the absence of credible testimony implicating Trump on this score, many hoped that payments to Stormy Daniels arising from a relationship Trump had with her in the past would be sufficient to drive him from office for campaign spending violations.

We already know that that there is no evidence of the Trump Tower meeting, because Cohen’s lawyer, the execrable Lanny Davis, admitted he lied when he peddled that story to the media.

Davis’ conduct is deplorable and hopefully will result in his disbarment. It is, nonetheless, important in the sense that it demonstrates the level of unprecedented animosity towards Trump, whom Democrats still feel is an illegitimate president.

This is one several reasons that the political landscape from Labor Day until the midterm elections promises to be nasty and acrimonious.

Writing in the New York Post, Michael Goodwin identifies what he calls the real scandal plaguing the county. It involve primarily breaches of trust between the government and its citizens as well as rampant abuses of power,

“Another scandalizing event is the behavior of some federal agencies. The Justice Department, the FBI and the CIA took liberties that were morally offensive, and possibly illegal, because they didn’t want Trump to be president. Some individuals, like former top FBI agent Peter Strzok, were dumb enough to put it in writing — on government computers!

Although Strzok and leaders of the FBI were fired or demoted based on misconduct, the current director, Christopher Wray, continues to act as if the events of 2016 and 2017 are mere reputational dents.

That, in turn, outrages Trump supporters and others, with the result that among half the country, the FBI remains untrustworthy. Wray either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care.”

Goodwin is correct in his assessment that the illegal actions of the FBI and intelligence agencies were based purely on political considerations. The heads of these agencies, like every pollster, had no reason to doubt that Hillary would be elected president. Why enrage the next president of the United Staes? Any legitimate investigation into her email chicanery would be a career ender.

The other scandal that has been unfolding since the later stages of the presidential election, as explained in my book Election 2016: How Donald Trump and the Deplorables Won and Made Political History, is the utter debasement of the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex. Their bias and outright rancor towards Trump has been clearly manifest. The media have abandoned all journalistic standards in their quest to reverse the results of a fair and legitimate election. One telling example is the steadfast refusal of CNN to retract the Trump Tower story after it has been thoroughly debunked. This is indicative of a network that has no shame.

The underpinnings of the entire abrogation of legal and ethical standards by the media and government agencies was the firm belief that Trump should not be elected president and if this effort failed, do everything necessary to insure that his presidency was unsuccessful. As former federal prosecutor, Andy McCarthy has astutely observed, the Mueller investigation is at bottom, all about the election of Donald Trump.

That is the underlying reason that is the basis for all the other scandals: to Democrats and the media alike, Trump is illegitimate because of a phony Russian collusion scenario ginned up by Christopher Steele and paid for by the Clinton campaign. This dossier by Steele was used as a basis to obtain a warrant from the FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign.

That is the real Russian story and one that has induced a collective yawn on the part of the mainstream media — that is perhaps the most unsavory scandal of all.

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