Nancy Pelosi Downplays AOC’s Influence On The Party

Despite Pelosi’s comments, Alexander Octavio-Cortez is the one running the party and she is a mere figurehead

Alexander Octavio-Cortez continues to dominate the political news cycle relegating more established party veterans such as Pelosi, as mere bit players. There is now growing concern that Octavio-Cortez’s outsized influence and limelight-hogging persona, is doing real damage to the party.

During a recent interview with 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl, Pelosi dismissed the freshman congresswoman from the Bronx and her loyal socialist followers, claiming, “That’s like five people.”

Rest assured, the only reason Pelosi made those comments is that the noise and publicity Octavio-Cortez generates is having a profound influence on the party’s candidates for president. Were the effect of the incoherent ramblings and wacky policy proposals of Alexander Octavio-Cortez benign or innocuous, Pelosi wouldn’t have gone public with her comments.

Consider Pelosi’s minimizing the influence of Octavio-Cortez and the policy platform her party’s presidential aspirants. Despite its trillion dollar price tag and laughable goals, every single one of the Democratic Party’s presidential hopefuls has endorsed the policy. One could argue that this ‘save the planet” posturing is all nothing more than an attempt at placating an increasingly lunatic left wing base

. However, it has twisted Democrats into knots. Octavio-Cortez has placed the party in the ridiculous position of having to unanimously vote down their own Green New Deal. Do democrats suppose a master entertainer like president Trump won’t deftly exploit this monumental exercise in hypocrisy?

As if to underscore the weakness of Pelosi’s standing within the party, while Pelosi was being interviewed by Stahl, AOC was holding her own interview where she railed about the necessity of impeachment — a position Pelosi clearly stated previously the party wouldn’t


“I think you could reach in a bag and pull so many things out that are impeachable of this president. I support impeaching this president”

So, who’s really in the driver’s seat in terms of setting the Democratic Party’s agenda” Despite her protestations to the contrary, it is increasingly clear, especially in the eyes of the media, that Octavio-Cortez is the star and Pelosi a has-been.

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