Mid-Term Election Results:Democrats Win the House

There good news and bad news. Bad news first. Had president Trump Tweeted a lot less, there is a good chance that Republicans could have maintained some of the seats that flipped. There is anecdotal evidence that despite the booming economy, Trump’s infelicitous manner of speaking irritates some voters — particularly suburban women — and they registered their disapprobation at the ballot box.

The good news is that Republicans only lost 25 seats, which is in line with historical results for mid-term elections and a far cry from the “blue wave” that so many pundits, commentators and Democrats assured us was inevitable. Americans, once again, voted for divided government.

By way of comparison, in 2010, Obama and the Democrats lost 63 House and 6 Senate seats. Republican losses in the House look almost inconsequential against the shellacking visited upon Democrats in 2010..

With a comfortable margin of 55 seats in the Senate, Trump’s next conservative Supreme Court nominees will be confirmed, which means there will be no need to appease potentially equivocating Susan Collings and Lisa Murkowski. Control of the Senate may turn out to be more consequential than the loss of the House.

It is also interesting to note that Obama ended up 0 for 4: the progressive candidates in close races he supported all came up short. So much for the new progressive coalition of the ascendant. Going forward, Democrats might want to ask themselves:does it make sense any more to invite Obama to hit the campaign trail?

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