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The New Yorker’s Disgraceful Hit Piece on Brett Kavanaugh

As the date for a confirmation vote on Judge Kavanaugh, draws near, Democrats with the able assistance of their allies in the mainstream media are frantically bringing additional accusers out of the woodwork. The fact that none of the stories can be corroborated or have an iota of credibility is of no consequence when the left’s ability to legislate from bench is in jeopardy.

The latest concocted tale of Kavanaugh’s alleged propensity for inappropriate sexual behavior comes to us via The New Yorker, a fervent anti-Trump publication, and long-time official communications organ of the Democratic Party.

The new allegations have the same glaring evidentiary defects as the original accusations by Christine Blasey Ford, namely, they are over thirty-five years old, can not be corroborated by any eyewitnesses, contain no contemporaneous accounts to third parties and already have been refuted by numerous individuals, who were classmates and friends of Brett Kavanaugh’s. And, oh, yes, the classmate of Kavanaugh’s, Deborah Ramirez, who made the original accusations, later claimed she could not remember if what she previously described, had in fact, taken place.

Here is how The New Yorker describes Ramirez’s Road to Damascus moment,

“She was at first hesitant to speak publicly, partly because her memories contained gaps because she had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident. In her initial conversations with The New Yorker, she was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty. After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away…”

Miraculously, after thirty-five years, Ramirez, after having her memory massaged by an attorney for six days, suddenly has a sufficient recollection that Kavanaugh thrust his penis in her face at a party and forced her to touch it. Ramirez’s account was also buttressed by double hearsay: I heard from a friend of a fried that remembered it was Kavanaugh at the party. In other words, Ramirez “recollection” wasn’t stimulated until aftershe received emails from classmates describing Kavanaugh’s time at Yale subsequent to his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Despite having serious doubts about Kavanaugh’s role in the incident, The New Yorker ran with the piece written by Ronan Farrow and the notoriously unreliable Jane Mayer.

The Democrats fingerprints are all over this latest smear job as they obviously went looking for additional pro-Democratic individuals to reconstruct tales that utterly strain ones credulity

How shaky is The New Yorker story? After interviewing several dozen people over the past week to corroborate Ramirez’s tale, even the New York Times, no fan of conservative jurists, could locate no one with firsthand knowledge of the alleged incident.

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