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Senator Grassley Refers Both Avenatti and Julie Swetnick to DOJ For Possible Criminal Prosecution

Senate Judiciary Chairman, Chuck Grassley, recently referred both Julie Swetnick and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti for possible criminal prosecution for making materially misleading statements to the Committee when it was conducting confirmation hearings on Brett Kavanaugh. In the referral letter, Grassley writes that Avenatti committed “outright fraud.” On this score, the facts are going to undoubtedly support Grassley’s damning claim.

This is a big deal for two reasons. First, the conduct of the attorneys’ involved in the Kavanaugh hearings was deplorable. It is high time that lawyers , who are supposed to be “officers of the court” are cashiered for their misconduct.

Based on her testimony that she was unaware of the Committee’s offer to question her in California as an accommodation, Ford’s attorneys may have failed in their duty to notify their client of the offer. If that is not the case, then Ford was not truthful with the Committee while she was under oath.

Ford’s attorneys also clearly conducted themselves in bad faith throughout the hearings and used that forum for political purposes. Judicial Watch has already made a referral to the appropriate Bar authorities for likely violations of the rules of professional responsibility.

There can be no doubt that the cheerleading on the part of the media for Ford as well as every single other crackpot witness who came forward, regardless of their credibility, was instrumental in facilitating the material misrepresentations made by Avenatti and his client Swetnick.

Both Avenatti and Ford’s attorneys knew from the outset that as far as the media was concerned, they were untouchable. This no doubt contributed to their willingness to step over ethical lines prohibited by the code of professional responsibility by which all attorneys are bound.

Grassley’s referral is a long overdue attempt to restore faith in the judicial system so that those who openly flaunt the law will be held to account.

Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill, and Loretta Lynch, acting attorney general during the presidential election, attorneys all, were guilty of violating numerous laws as well as ethical provisions of the Canons of Professional Responsibility. Lynch’s conduct was particularly egregious. Lynch, the head of the Department of Justice met with the husband of a woman who was the target of a criminal investigation being conducted by her department.

What a surprise that Lynch, as well as both Clintons, received no sanctions, no public rebuke, not so much as a slap on the wrist for their wanton flaunting of the laws.

Grassley’s referral to the Department of Justice is a reversal of an unfortunate trend in our political and legal system whereby those who have committed infractions are never held to account for their abuses of power.

The referral is a breath of fresh air in a town that has reeked of corruption for far too long and has maintained two standards of justice: one for elite bureaucrats, politicians and their allies. The other for ordinary Americans.

The second reason Grassley’s notifying the DOJ of possible suborning of perjury is that it will put a harsh spotlight on the mainstream media, who were clearly rooting for Ford and in their quest to assist her team, demonstrated a willingness to give the most wild and utterly fantastical allegations an air of legitimacy. This includes the tall tales spun by Avenatti and his client, Julie Swetnick, who both now face investigation for possible criminal prosecution for perjury.

Swetnick’s preposterous claims lacked credibility form the start. That was apparent to everybody but the media, who disgracefully, strained our credulity to bolster the thin reed on which these utterly bogus allegations were based.

NBC news looks particularly bad as they acted as Avenatti’s conduit by broadcasting an interview with Swetnick with admittedly no corroboration. They are now in the process of furiously backtracking — the effort being led for the moment by Chuck Todd.

Lest anyone forget, the vile Avenatti was a CNN guest 48 times in one month.

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