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Postscript: The Students of Covington High School

Besmirched, libeled and slandered, the Covington High Catholic teenagers became the object of progressive fury, the likes of which the country has never before witnessed.

The incident following the March for Life, will become a watershed moment in our political history. The ensuing Twitter mob laid bare the pernicious nature of progressivism; it exposed the intellectual bankruptcy of the movement; it demonstrated the alliance between the mainstream media and progressive ideology and it gave us a preview of how the Democratic Party’s is going to continue its lurch leftward right off the cliff.

It is clear now that the grievous offense committed by the fifteen year olds that precipitated the is that they were Catholic and were wearing the Make America Great Again red hats. The fact that they don’t believe in abortion extremism made them an easy target for progressive ideologues. But the boys sealed their, fate by wearing what progressives deem is no different than sporting a swastika armband. These kids must have known that the red hat symbolized oppression, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, nativism, etc., etc. By donning the MAGA hats, the lads raised the ire of liberals and became the object of the by-now hackneyed progressive buzzwords recited with robotic predictability, that have come to symbolize the intellectual infantilism of modern left-wing thinking.

The Covington incident clearly shows us that progressives don’t think, they emote. Progressives seem to think that the robotic recitation of the by-now hackneyed buzz words is supposed to constitute a coherent, internally consistent set of principles or philosophy. The sanctimonious Twitter/mainstream media lynch mob indicates otherwise. As an indication of how distorted our political discourse has become and how thoroughly identify politics it has permeated and corrupted those in the media, ABC News senior political analyst, Matthew Dowd, who for years has been presented as a Republican strategist, fed into the vitriolic attacks against a group of teenagers.

Here is Dowd on Twitter, rushing to judgment before all the facts were known:

“Folks, let us not let these kids, their parents, and their school off the hook. Regardless of what led up to this, this is awful.” This is the response of a Republican? Dowd’s response was nothing more than following the lead of the progressive media hit squad. And he is held out as a “political analyst?”

The media did not acquit itself well. The biased and wholly inaccurate reporting by the major broadcast networks as well as the major newspapers came on the heels of the debunked BuzzFeed “bombshell” report on Trump/Russian collusion which caused a feeding frenzy among commentators and pundits who confidently predicted that this time, the end was near for Trump.

Instead of a moment of introspection, the media continued to distinguish itself as an institution that is thoroughly corrupt and overtly biased. They accepted the story of Native-American Nathan Phillips without any investigation or critical review. It was revealed later, that Phillips lied repeatedly about his past experience as a Viet Nam veteran as well as his tall tale that he was trying to stop the Covington boys from harassing a group of lunatics, who were hurling insults at the boys for over an hour.

In short, Phillips is a fraud and a professional agitator. He knew from the start, that he could count on the media accepting his grievance mongering narrative without question.

The media did not disappoint Phillips, as they dutifully played their role as proselytizers of the progressive Narrative.

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