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Liberal Reporters Go Shopping With Liberal Senator Kamala Harris

CBS reporter, Kaitlin Huey-Burns, laughably claims no harm done and no media bias

On Thursday, CBS reporter, Kaitlin Huey-Burns, tweeted a picture of a CNN reporter and Kamala Harris, 2020 Democratic Party presidential hopeful, interacting in a boutique store in Colombia, South Carolina. The CNN reporter and Harris seem to be yucking it up, while Harris tries on some clothing that the CNN reporter suggested.

Burns, who posted the original photo, was quick to downplay any suggestions that the activity was anything but above-board and commonplace. Other journalists quickly jumped in and supported Burns.

Brit Hume, called the entire incident, “embarrassing.” Hume is correct in his characterization.

What is completely lost on Burns and her ilk in the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex, is that the issue isn’t whether the shopping with Harris precludes subsequent impartial reporting, it is the appearance of impropriety and partiality that is of paramount concern and that will prove inimical for any journalist who later claims they can be objective about Harris. This is a concept wholly alien to mainstream media journalists like Burns. Since they all root for the home team (Democratic Party), they are incapable self-examination and introspection, e.g., how many times has CNN and other journalists been forced to retract “bombshell” report on Trump/Russia collusion?

This event is indicative of why the media has no credibility and continues to suffer low approval ratings. Burn’s defense of the wholly inappropriate and unprofessional interaction and the fact that she is clueless about why the CNN reporter’s chumminess with Harris might be viewed with a jaundiced eye by news consumers, tells one that political journalists are irredeemably corrupt and biased. Burns will fit right in at her new home, CBS.

Does anyone remember any reporters going golfing with president Trump? Will Burns criticize the incident? Will she question the professionalism of the CNN reporter? Of course not. Journalists are all cut from the same liberal cloth.

It is no surprise this issue was never addressed by Burns. It is obvious which way Burns and her colleagues lean ideologically. This incident only bolsters the contenting of media bias.

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