Media-Democratic Party-Complex

Covington, Trump and the Media Twitter Mob

Journalists saw the event as an opportunity to re-litigate the 2016 election

The answer to the question, why did deranged progressive journalists attacked the Covington high school students, with such ferocity, now becomes self-evident. The red MAGA hats weren’t viewed as a campaign prop by progressives, but rather, as a symbol of the politically incorrect, president the media loathed from the minute Trump claimed victory over the First. Woman. President.

Trump infuriated the mainstream media because he was the quintessential anti-Obama. The Covington incident was nothing more than another instance of the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex re-litigating the results of the 2016 election. They found an ample target in the students who were wearing the Pro-Trump headgear and that was sufficient to awaken Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Some perspective on the effect Trump’s election had on the media will prove instructive as to why the red MAGA hats triggered such a media Twitter mob firestorm.

For the media, perhaps the most unforgiving of Trump’s sins was his broadside attack against the cherished and sacrosanct ideals of the left as embodied in the pernicious ideology of political correctness, that for eight years under Obama had run amok. From the moment he announced his candidacy, Trump tore asunder the speech codes of progressivism and cast them to the wind.

For political journalists, Trump’s irreverence for “officially sanctioned” politically correct speech, impermissibly deviated from the norms of conduct expected of Republicans and rigorously enforced by the Democratic Party’s communication subsidiary, the mainstream media. Trump deviated from Washington-speak, an artifice that employed euphemisms to avoid conversing about unpleasant truths.

For the media, certain terms in the political lexicon were verboten. For example, use of the factually unobjectionable term, “illegal immigrant”, to depict those who crossed the border in violation of our laws, was decreed by journalists as indelicate. Since the term “illegal immigrant” was offensive to those immigrants who entered the country illegally, the Narrative demanded it be replaced by the innocuous euphemism “undocumented workers”, as if these were people who had inadvertently left their papers for lawful entry into the U.S. on the kitchen table at home prior to their departure for the border.

In order to fully understand the media’s frenzy after the election, one must realize that Trump’s head-on attack against political correctness was more than a challenge to the language police, it was an assault on the Washington political establishment, at the apex of which stood the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex.

When Trump defeated the candidate who was a long-standing member of Washington’s political elite, he wasn’t assailed so much by the political party he had vanquished, but by an new institution that combined seamlessly the Democratic Party, the major broadcast networks, the entertainment industry and fringe, left-wing academics. This new entity found its ultimate expression and influence during the Obama era. Left-wing academics, the media and the Democratic Party, each had an indispensable role in proselytizing and perpetuating the politically correct Narrative, which has become the philosophical life-blood of liberalism.

Over time, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party had coalesced and become one — the two institutions were indistinguishable.

Out of this melding between the Democratic Party and the media emerged a new institution — the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex. This consolidation would eventually debase both institutions.

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