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CNN’s Insane Climate Change Town Hall

For those forced to watch, the seven-hour clown show amounted to cruel and unusual punishment

Last , CNN hosted a seven-hour town hall among the Democratic presidential candidates, focused exclusively on what the moderator characterized as the impending global warming “crisis.”

Emily Tamkin, Columbia Journalism Review’s “public editor for CNN, insisted beforehand that debate moderators proceed “on the assumption that the climate is in crisis.” Once these non-debate parameters were established, any sentient viewer knew that no debate discussion would follow. Instead, courageous viewers would be forced to endure what Holman Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal characterized as, “an exercise in liturgy, not inquiry, as well as a repetition of the most failed experiment in history: trying to bully viewers into accepting predictions of a pending climate disaster.“

For the next seven interminable hours, the Democratic presidential aspirants proceeded to call for the most ludicrous policy proposals that the American people would never accept. Each attempted to outbid the other in extremismeism. David Hayrsanyi correctly noted that,

“the most benign climate-change plan proposed during CNN’s seven-hour Democratic Party presidential candidate town hall was more authoritarian than anything Donald Trump has ever suggested during his presidency. Democrats were not merely proposing massive societal upheaval but mass coercion.”

The insanity continued unabated:

“Human population growth has more than doubled in the past 50 years. The planet cannot sustain this growth,” a town hall audience member told Bernie Sanders, who agreed. Sanders response to this imminent global warming catastrophe is for the U.S. to fund abortions for women in the developing. His response is pure Al Gore elite hypocrisy: Sanders calls for women in

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Asia and Africa to abort their babies to save the planet from warming, while he travels between his main house and his vacation homes.

One doesn’t have to be a Trump fan to imagine what he could do with this material in a 2020 debate with the Democratic nominee.

It should come as no surprise that the CNN lecture was a ratings bomb.

With each passing year, chicken-little, hysterical climate change alarmists, outbid each other to see who can engage in the most hyperbole about the impending global warming doomsday clock, hoping to whoop up public support for a predicted apocalypse that always seems to be postponed for another day.

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