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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: Democrats Favorite Anchor

She’s at it again…

During the last presidential election, the pro-Hillary CNN anchor, Brooke Baldwinwho shut down guests who wanted to discuss Bill Clinton’s debauchery, recently told guests on her show that they were not going to call democratic protestors at the Senate a “mob.” This is despite the fact that a group of irate women charged in the Senate Office Building and stated pounding on the doors.

The fact that Baldwin chooses not to acknowledge what is plain for all to see is a water carrier for the Democratic Party.

As the video demonstrates, Baldwin is carrying on her deliberate blackout on stories that may prove inimical for the Democratic Party. The last video is a clip of Baldwin’s admonishing guests that Bill Clinton’s depravity was off limits, but of course, it was OK to savage Trump. Different standards for different party.


I am enclosing comments from my new Book, The Story of How Trump’s Politics Changed Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex and Why He Drives Them Stark Raving Mad available soon on Amazon. The following passage describes how when it came to covering Trump during the election, the media, particularly CNN, wore their bias proudly on their sleeves.

Nowhere was this overt bias by mainstream media journalists more apparent than in CNN’s repeated refusal to discuss Bill Clinton’s mistreatment of women. Since it would be difficult to discuss Bill’s aberrant behavior without looking at Hillary’s indispensable role as his enabler, it was not surprising, that CNN news anchors would make it a habit to remind guests on the program who were Trump supporters, that the topic of Bill’s well chronicled mistreatment, philandering and abusive treatment of women, was verboten —especially during the election, when the CNN host’s preferred candidate, was running for president.

A perfect example was CNN anchor, Brooke Baldwin, who repeatedly shut down guests who brought up Bill Clinton’s despicable past behavior. Here is Baldwin in one of her “see no evil, speak no evil, hear not evil” moments. When a guest started to speak about Bill’s womanizing, Baldwin immediately interrupted her and stated that, “We’re not going to air Bill Clinton’s dirty laundry on this show.” 

Of course, Baldwin’s blackout on Bill’s past behavior came to an unexpected and ignominious end, when Trump  held a press conference before the start of the second debate and proceeded to  introduce Kathleen Wiley, Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones, all women who had accused Bill Clinton of assaulting them in the past. 

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