Maxine Waters Calls for Democratic Mob to Openly Harass Members of Trump Administration

Maxine Waters, Congresswoman from California, continued her reckless and dangerous rhetoric yesterday exhorting people to harass individual members of the Trump Administration. Waters noted to the crowd that God was on their side.

One of the first questions that comes to mind in the face of such outrageous demagoguery, is where have membes of the Bush family been? Why won’t Larua Bush speak out against the moral turpitude of the Democratic Party expressed in Waters inflamatory comments? The Bush Clan has always been ready to excoriate a Republican president in the harshest terms imaginable, yet they are incapable of criticizing a Democrat’s reprehensible conduct well outside the bounds of civil discourse and political norms?

Their silence speaks volumes. Apparently, their outrage is reserved only for Donald Trump.

As a cogresswoman, Waters conduct is beyond the pale. Paul Ryan should insitute proceedings immediately for the House to issue a censure.

In the meantime, where have you been Mitt Romney? John McCain? Two other anti-Trumpers, who found the language used by Trump rendered him unfit to serve as president. Is the language Waters used not similarly contemptuous?

The silence of establishment Repbulicans, who railed against Trump for his indecency and casting aside, what they considered the norms of political conduct and common decency, are now mute when a Democratic congresswoman calls for a mob to march on the homes of officials of the Trump Administration. The posture of the Republican establishment and most notably, the anti-Trump Republicans is why rank and file voters in the party banished the Bush family and their followers to the hinterland.

Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader offered a non-apology apology today by telling Waters to “back off,” yet in the same breath blamed Trump for the climate of incivility.The fact that no other prominent Democrat has yet to publicly and unequivocally rebuke Waters for her despicable rhetoric tells us how morally bankrupt their party is.

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