Majority of Dems Favor Giving Illegal Immigrants the Right to Vote

We keep hearing the perennial phrase: America is a nation divided. And, indeed it is — particularly with regards to their policies on illegal immigrants. A recent Rasmussen poll has revealed that only a slight majority of Democrats , 54%, oppose giving noncitizens the right to vote. By contrast, 91% of Republicans polled said they oppose the idea.

Already some cities, like San Francisco are granting illegal immigrants the right to vote in local school board elections.

It is a certainty that left-wing Democrats are not going to stop at bestowing the right to vote in local districts only, thereby widening the gap between the parties on this issue.

The position of Democrats on the granting illegal immigrants the right to vote debases the whole notion of citizenship, which puts them outside the mainstream on this issue.

In fact, those districts that have either introduced or implemented the idea have all been located on either coast. San Francisco has the policy and Boston has recently proposed a similar measure.

A Rasmussen poll, that phrased the questions differently had an even more astonishing result. The Rasmussen poll found that a majority of Democrats favor granting noncitizens the right to vote. Two questions were put to respondents.

The first question asked: Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote if they can prove that they live in this county and pay taxes? The second , Do you favor or oppose letting illegal immigrants vote for local officials in the area where you live?

As noted in Hot Air,

Note how much more expansive the phrasing of the first question is than the second. The second specifies local elections; the first doesn’t, and yet there’s actually more support for letting them vote in the first case than in the second. I assume that’s because of the reference to paying taxes. A small but meaningful minority may believe that if you’re paying into the system then you deserve a say in how it operates, whether or not you have any legal right to be present in the United States. Either way, Democrats clearly prefer a residency requirement rather than a citizenship requirement for democratic participation. Is there any more basic disagreement between the two parties right now?

Reviewing these results, a question arises: Which party is the extremist on the issue of illegal immigrants?

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