IG’s Report Tarnishes James Comey’s Halo

IG Horowitz’s findings knock the insufferable Comey off his sanctimonious perch


IG Horowitz’s recently released report on James Comey’s surreptitious removal of memos that belonged to the FBI after he was fired and subsequent leaking of this sensitive information is damning. At the very least, it punctures Comey’s holier-than-thou balloon that he has maintained ever since he was fired by Trump.

Most senior staff at the FBI were appalled at Comey’s conduct in removing FBI property based on his wholly specious and laughable argument that they were his personal property. Comey’s defenders don’t even contest the imporpriety of this audacious breach of Bureau and Justice DEpartment protocol and regulations. Comey’s apologists, which depressingly include, a number of former U.S. Attorneys, rests on the assertion that Comey had a “higher” duty to leak the members for the good of the Republic.

In short, as the IG Report makes abundantly clear: Comey’s actions were clear violations of Department policy and prosecutorial guidelines and his conduct set a “dangerous example” in order to “achieve a personally desired outcome.”

The incontestable findings of the report simply acknowledge what was obvious for quite some time: that Comey willfully violated Justice guidelines to further his personal vendetta

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against Trump and to exact his revenge by having a Special Counsel appointed to look into the wholly fabricated tale of Russian collusion. Comey’s gambit was successful, Robert Mueller was appointed to examine whether the president conspired with the Russians to throw the election.

Given his vanity and self-love, it should come as no surprise that no apologies from Comey were forthcoming after the findings; instead he had the gall to insist on an apology from all those who removed his halo and argued he had engaged in a criminal offense. Comey is no stranger to breaching protocol and well-established Justice Department procedures. Comey usurped the Departmennt of Justice in unilaterally declaring that HIllary Clinton’s use of a private email server wasn’t a violation of the law and that no reasonable prosecutor would pursue the case. Comey was wrong on both counts, but he cared no one whit whether he grossly exceeded his authority in exonerating Clinton prior to a definitive determination by the Justice Department whether an indictment was warranted.

Comey cavalierly breached Depatment protocol shortly thereafter, when he removed government property and leaked sensitive information, some of which was determined to be classified after the fact.

The report of the IG clearly confirms that Comey is a member of the deep state, an astute and skilfull bureaucratic player who knows how to adroitly manage the layers of Administrative state for his personal aggrandizement and advancement.

The James Comey affair is not yet over. Later this month, the IG will release another, more damning report, that will examine the FBI’s use of the Steele Dossier, as the basis for obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on an American citizen and member of the Trump campaign. Those who are familiar with the report’s findings and scope, claim that it will be damning and criminal indictments may ensue.

Self-anointed, Saint James Comey, is in the cross-hairs of Horowitz’s report and it remains to be seen whether he has used up all of his Washington insider’s nine lives.

All of the players in the Russian collusion affair are long-time Washington bureaucrats with incesutuous relationships, most notably the longstanding friendship and career paths of both Mueller and Comey. How Comey’s former boss was chosen as the one to lead an “objective” and “impartial” examination into the Trump/Russian affair, is a stinging indictment of the double-dealing and unsavory practices of professional, entrenched members of the Leviathan state.

This entire sordid affair resides a fundamental question: does anyone in Washington understand the principle of conflict of interest?

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