Sean Hannity’s Sources Say IG Horowitz Report ‘Is Done and It’s Devastating’

If true, Comey and his FBI cohorts could be in real legal jeopardy

Red State reports that Sean Hannity’s sources have told him that Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General for the DOJ has concluded his investigation into whether the FBI’s application for a warrant from the FISA Court based solely on the contents of the notorious Steele Dossier was illegally obtained.

There have been recent reports that at the time they applied for their first warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, the FBI was aware that Steele’s stories were not credible. Additionally, the FBI at the time, knew Steele had misled the Bureau by talking to reporters. As I noted previously, the Steele Dossier should have raised red flags with the mainstream media, but it induced no more than a collective yawn on the part of disinterested reporters. If Hannity’s sources are correct and the findings are devastating, it is highly likely that his report will indirectly indict the media for their complete dereliction of duty.

Another issue that relates to the application of the FISA warrant. It is important to note that even if the FBI claims that they had no knowledge about the veracity of the allegations in Steele’s report when they made their initial request from the FISA Court, they renewed the application several times later by which time they had knowledge that Steele’s report contained sordid and dubious allegations that strained ones credulity, such as the story that Trump urinated on the bed in a Moscow hotel where Obama was once a guest. The fact that they continued to extend the FISA warrant based on reporting that was demonstrably false and unreliable without disclosing this material information to the FISA Court, is going to be a substantial factor in determining the propriety of using the Steele Dossier.

Not only is the FBI a party to the abuse of the FISA Court application process, the findings could potentially tarnish Mueller’s reputation. Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, connects the dots.

“The last warrant of four 90-day warrants would have lapsed in September 2017. But Mueller, who by then had been on the case for four months, opted not to go back to the FISA court to seek a new warrant. That suggests that investigators no longer stood behind the dossier and its sensational, uncorroborated claim that Trump was in cahoots with the Kremlin.

Of course, that raises a big question: Why did Mueller allow the “collusion” investigation to continue for well over a year after it seemed obvious that there was no case?”

The inevitable conclusion? As McCarthy notes,

The high likelihood is that, after taking over the investigation in May 2017, Mueller knew early on that there was no “collusion” case against the president.”

As IG, Horowitz has no authority to commence a criminal investigation, which is why AG Barr has appointed veteran Federal prosecutor John Durham, to conduct a criminal investigation of all those involved in this subterfuge, all done for political purposes.

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