Harvey Weinstein and the Silence of Sanctimonious Hollywood

Anybody heard from Meryl Streep lately? You know the actress who castigated President Trump and his supporters as backwards yokels and misogynists at the Oscars. Don’t tell Meryl, but right in her own backyard was the biggest sexual predator perhaps that Hollywood has ever seen. Meryl says she didn’t know anything about Harvey “Four C’s” Weinstein.* That’s laughable. As Roger Simon says, “Time to award her her greatest Oscar yet – for playing someone deaf, dumb, and blind while living as a troglodyte in the Gobi desert.” As more information about this Hollywood scandal drips out every day, it is becoming increasingly clear that everybody knew about the corpulent casting couch creep’s debauchery, but careers would be in jeopardy were anyone to speak out. So no one did. That includes the self-righteous Streep, who gets the hypocrisy of the year award. Hooray for Hollywood.

Not much from the late night “comics” like Trump-bashing Jimmy Kimmel or for that matter, Steven Colbert. How courageous. No skits on SNL either since news of multiple instances of Harvey’s depravities including the possible rape of two women. Lorne Michaels, producer of SNL admitted he killed Weinstein related jokes after dress rehearsal. “It’s a New York thing,” he said. A New York Thing? Lorne has no problem mocking fellow New Yorker Donald Trump.

This revolting saga has produced no heroes in Hollywood. Politicians, PR agencies, newspaper and magazine editors, screenwriters, everyone was on Harvey’s payroll, either directly or indirectly (in the case of actors and actresses). Everybody knew about his sexual assaults and moral turpitude but as good Hollywood progressives, they looked the other way.

The only man who demonstrated a modicum of gallantry throughout this sorry tale is Brad Pitt, who threatened Weinstein with a Missouri Whooping if he laid another hand on his then girlfriend, Gwenyth Paltrow. Although, he continued to make movies with Weinstein, it still is far more than anyone else did. So, Kudos to Brad. At this point, we’ll take any display of Chivalry anywhere we can find it, especially in a town that has no shame.

* Corpulent casting couch creep

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