Harvard’s Discriminatory Admission Practices About To be Exposed

For years, the student admissions procedures of Harvard and other Ivy League colleges have intentionally discriminated against individuals based on their race. For the most part, the discrimination was directed against Caucasians based on the theory that blacks were “underrepresented” in the Harvard community.

The entire diversity and inclusion principle used to justify discrimination in the admission processes today is nothing more than old wine in new bottles: it is merely the affirmative action agenda dressed up in new clothes. The inherent problem with affirmative action had always been that liberals could offer no compelling moral justification for deliberately discriminating against individual whites who had no hand nor involvement in past discriminatory practices that were employed against blacks and other minorities.

Since liberals could never address this ethical issue in a satisfactory manner, they merely changed the name from affirmative action to the now trendy and oft-repeated phrase, “diversity and inclusion.” Harvard is but one of many colleges who now claim discrimination is warranted in the name of achieving and insuring a “diverse” student body. Diversity is always limited to skin pigmentation.

These policies have had the effect of overt discrimination against Asian Americans — particularly at Harvard. National Review’s Rich Lowry, humorously characterizes Harvard’s policy as ,” … an ongoing micro-aggression against Asian Americans.” A group called Students for Fair Admissions is suing Harvard, alleging that it engages in unconstitutional racial discrimination against Asians in its admissions process. Harvard, through its president Drew Faust has offered in response the pathetic and wholly transparent diversity response, claiming Harvard isn’t engaging in discrimination but rather engaging in an attempt to compose a diverse student body.


The Supreme Court, regrettably bought into their diversity nonsense when it ruled in the previous two cases that raised the issue of permissible discrimination but it ruled that while schools may consider diversity as a benefit to the college community, in its admissions policies, the court clearly stated that it could be a consideration, not the definitive or sole consideration for admission.

Harvard, as well as other Ivy League colleges and universities have clearly disregarded this maxim and other binding principles enunciated in those Supreme Court decisions. Harvard has now been caught with its pants down.

The discovery phase of the litigation has revealed documentation with regards to Harvard’s admissions criteria that is going to be a public relations disaster for the school.

The whole diversity and inclusion concept has been beaten like a dead horse.

The blatantly discriminatory Harvard admissions process in conjunction with the Google “diversity” case will highlight what a scam the entire diversity and inclusion racket at universities has been and the fraudulent basis on which the “inclusion” mumbo-jumbo has been used to justify conduct and policies for which it is completely inapplicable.

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