A Still Lying, Still Prevaricating Bill Clinton Returns to Join the #MeToo Movement

I wish the pathological lying clown Bill Clinton and his corrupt wife Hillary would ride off into the sunset and leave us all alone, instead of forcing us to watch painful 1990 re-runs of the Bill and Hillary Show.

Bill Clinton, “it all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”, is back in the news once again, peddling his tiresome and patently false statement that he in fact did apologize to Monica Lewinsky, even though his apology was to the entire nation. Those alive during the Clinton years will recognize this subversion, crafted to perfection by the Clintons, a the non-apology apology. No one in command of their faculties believes such giddy nonsense.

Remember this is a man while wagging his finger on national television, famously told a bald face lie by proclaiming: “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, I never lied…etc., etc.”

It’s nice to see Bill Clinton hasn’t changed since he was president. Clinton and his wife are the living embodiment of the old adage: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Now, during his book tour, he is up to his old tricks again, parsing and prevaricating as never before. Who does he think will believe him?

As I noted in my book, Election 2016,

“The Clintons have been insulting the intelligence of the public for decades. They have suffered no political price for doing so, partly because the media was willing to bury the negative stories in connection with the Clintons’ scandals, but also, because of the short attention span of the electorate, who due to the sheer volume of scandals, investigations, hearings, etc. in connection with the couples political life in Washington, could not keep up with all the drama and intrigue.

After the Clintons left office, conservative media and the internet had broken the broadcast network’s role as gatekeeper, a function that was used often to bury or ignore stories that were unfavorable or detrimental to Democrats. It’s interesting to recall, it was the Drudge Report that broke the Monica Lewinsky story, not the mainstream media. Newsweek originally was in possession of the information, but decided to kill the story. Today, the old media rules no longer apply, but the Clintons didn’t take notice.”

Now he is regurgitating and refreshing his old perfidies and mendacity for the the 21st century and he assumes that the political environment and the media damage control apparatus, so effective in protecting him in the 1990’s is still operative today.

In fact, one could argue that Clinton’s statement that he is a #MeToo fellow traveller is evidence that he has dementia, there is no other plausible explanation for this statement, it far surpasses even the gold standard for mendacity established by himself and Hillary over twenty years ago. Even for die-hard Clinton fans and sycophants, the #MeToo comment is a bridge too far. Bill and Hillary assumed that nothing has changed since Bill was in the Oval Office. This mentality, in part, cost Hillary the election, but to hear more of the same in the age of Harvey Weinstein strains credulity — even coming from the mouth of a Clinton.

Bill Clinton’s latest comments simply reinforces the ineluctable fact that for many voters, the thought of sending the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics back to the White House, where they would invariably despoil the presidency yet again, was unthinkable.

Message for Bill and Hillary: For Gods Sake, Just Go!

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