Final Curtain For The Bill and Hillary Show

Ticket prices slashed due to lackluster interest

Prices for the political equivalent of Arthur MIler’s Death of a Salesman, dropped faster than donations to the Clinton Foundation, when the coronation for the smartest woman in the world was put on hold.

Why do the aging and tiresome Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, keep waiting for the curtains to come down?

The answer to that question is that the Clintons desperately want to remain relevant in the current political climate. In a #MeToo world, this is clearly, wishful thinking.

The aging political couple are an anachronism in today’s political climate, yet they continue to hang on. Bill Clinton, like Willy Loman in the Arthur Miller play, just doesn’t understand what everyone one else does: It’s Over

Hillary gets chutzpah of the decade award, for continuing her shameless claim that Trump consorted with the Russians to rig the election. In Inglewood, California, on Saturday, Clinton said, in response to a question about the 2016 race, “You can run the best campaign and still have the election stolen from you.” This comment is indicative of why this petty woman is insufferable. This excuse for losing is from a woman who committed one of the biggest unforced errors in political history, by calling approximately 40% of the voters, “deplorables” and “irredeemables.”

In terms of demand for this interminable display of overweening entitlement, are there any disaffected Hillary fans out there who haven’t passed thrust the stages of post-Election 2016 grief during her book signing and subsequent “Trump stole the election from me,” whirlwind tour? The stage material is the same: Trump somehow conspired with the Russians to hack and then publish, all of those really embarrassing John Podesta emails, that did not paint her majesty nor many of her staff in a very flattering light.

As an indication of interest in the Clinton’s traveling minstrel show, the free market supply and demand worked its magic, depressing ticket prices dramatically. From Hot Air,

“The event billed as ‘An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’ continued at the LA Forum in Inglewood, California Saturday night and tickets were listed for as little as $2.

Seats in the Lower Bowl 131 section were available on Vivid Seats while the same website was offering admission for the best section – center in front of the stage – for $92.”

If we had a “free” press, instead of a media that is merely an adjunct of the Democratic Party, these two-bit hustlers would have been mercilessly mocked and ridiculed off the stage, immediately after the election. Instead, our media still is suffused with distraught Hillary supporters, who continue to enable and grant this fraud a platform to foment discord, all surrounding her conceited sense of entitlement.

In the wake of the Mueller report that exonerated her one-time nemesis from any collusion with the Russians, calling attention to herself, when it was her own subterfuge that created the entire Russian Collusion bogeyman, is not a smart idea.

The only reason Hillary feels confident in taking such risks that might make her the object of Willam Barr’s coming investigation, is that she knows the mainstream media will always act as her Praetorian Guard.

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