Trump Exposed Hypocrisy of Democrats Who Defended Bill Clinton’s Debauchery

With all the penitent Democrats and commentators coming forward recently to seek absolution for their decades long slumber in holding Bill Clinton accountable for the same type of behavior allegedly committed by Trump, here is a primer from my recent book, Election 2016: How Donald Trump and the Deplorable Won and Made Political History that describes how it was Trump who was responsible for exposing the veil of hypocrisy surrounding the contention of Hillary and the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex, that Bill Clinton’s despicable and demeaning behavior was off limits in the election.

Hillary’s War Against Women Strategy Backfired

Hillary’s sales pitch to the American people that Trump was unfit to be president, rested almost entirely on indelicate statements he had made that elite progressives found beyond the pale as well as the sexual braggadocio captured on the Access Hollywood tapes. The Miss Piggy strategy would be implemented through Hillary’s remarks on the campaign trail, in her speeches and most importantly, during each of the three presidential debates. “The campaign strategy seemed to be to double- and triple-down attacks on Trump over the cavalier way he had treated women verbally earlier in his life. According to her, Trump was disqualified based on Hillary’s “war on women” criteria, while she should win on these same criteria, on feminist grounds if nothing else, simply because she aspired to be the first woman president.”⁠

The entire Miss Piggy strategy relied for its success on the ability of Clinton to characterize Trump as an enemy soldier in the Democrats’ “War on Women” narrative. The fatal flaw in the scheme was its tenuous assumption that somehow voters would be either too stupid, or simply too disinterested (perhaps due to her historic candidacy) to hold the Clintons to the same standards of conduct that she was attempting to apply exclusively to Trump. The linchpin of Hillary’s entire campaign plan was based on the idea that voters were obligated not to vote for Trump, rather than an affirmation of why voters should enthusiastically vote for Hillary. The ability of Hillary to successfully convince voters to embrace her thesis about Trump being unfit for the presidency would help determine the outcome of the election. Clinton’s strategy also anticipated that reiterating Trump’s flaws, specifically the Access Hollywood tapes, would assist neverTrump Republicans in their quest to marshal others in their party to cross over and vote for Hillary.

Regrettably for Hillary, her entire negative campaign strategy (don’t vote for Trump) was rendered inoperative by her opponent, who had already made a number of preemptive strikes against the “War on Women”charade during the Republican primaries. First, the idea that Hillary could make Trump alone the object of obloquy when the subject was mistreatment of women was breathtakingly audacious and hypocritical. Only one assured that the media was in her pocket would dare to be so presumptuous. The reality was that while occupying the highest office in the land, Hillary’s husband defiled the sanctity of the Oval Office by having sex with a 22 year old intern. Yet, here she was, without shame, earnestly pleading to voters that Trump should be disqualified from the presidency because he had made boorish comments captured on tape. Did Clinton truly believe voters were that stupid or forgetful?

The Miss Piggy ploy also was founded on the expectation that the media would always act to protect the Democratic Party’s candidate and thus, would never bring up Bill Clinton’s despicable history of assaulting and preying on women. A typical mainstream media response was CNN’s Don Lemon admonishing his guest in late December, 2015, that Bill Clinton’s behavior, as a topic for discussion, was irrelevant, as it had already been litigated and re-litigated and accordingly was old news.⁠

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