Alan Dershowitz Says Kavanaugh Vote Should Wait For FBI Investigation

Although I don’t share Dershowitz’s political views, he has shown himself to be, along with George Washington Law Professor, Jonathan Truly, a voice of reason in criticizing the partisan perspective of Democrats on some core constitutional issues such as the Travel ban, the firing of James Comey and now the Kavanaugh vote.

Dershowitz claims that an FBI investigation is needed so as to bring some measure of finality to the confirmation process that would satisfy both Republicans and Democrats on the Committee in terms of being able to say that that Kavanaugh’s hearing was conducted fairly.

Dershowitz may be correct on the appearance of propriety, but he is dead wrong on the political aspect of extending the hearings.

The Democrats have shown themselves to be naked partisans and have turned the Supreme Court confirmation process into a circus. Every time, Chairman Grassley graciously granted Christine Blasy Ford’s attorney’s request for additional time, backfired. Ford’s legal team simply used the courtesy extended to engage in more dilatory tactics. The principal reason from the start for the requests to postpone the hearings were so that Ford’s attorney could go trolling for additional parties to come forward with more uncorroborated accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Given the fact that the Democrats every procedural request was done for explicitly partisan political gain, Dershowitz can’t possibly believe that stalling again to conduct an FBI investigation would not inevitably lead to more “victims” coming out of the closet with concomitant calls from the Democrats to further delay the hearings to hear the new allegations.

Further delays in the hearing would be used by the Democrats solely to engage in additional bad faith tactics.

From the moment Dianne Feinstein deliberately withheld the Ford’s letter containing the original allegations only to spring it on the Committee a day before a vote was scheduled the strategy of Democrats has been nakedly apparent: derail the nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court at any cost.

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