Democrats Vote Against Their Green New Deal

Global warming crowd furious they were forced to support their own proposed centerpiece legislation

How dare he! That was the sentiment when Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, decided to put the Democrats’ centerpiece and much ballyhooed legislation to save the planet to a vote. McConnell put the feet of the posturing and sanctimonious global warming alarmist crowd to the fire to see if their intentions matched their hyperbole in connection with taking the draconian measures outlined in their Green New Deal in order to save the planet.

When it came time to endorse their own global warming policy, every single Democrat punted, voting present, instead of showing their support for the mega-legislation, that prior to the vote, was deemed indispensable for saving the planet from the apocalypse.

Here is a preview of what Democratic presidential aspirants had to say about the Green New Deal prior to the vote. Massachusetts Senator, Ed Markey, a co-sponsor of the bill, said, “We cannot deny the devastating consequences of climate change, it is the national security, economic, health care and moral issue of our time. We must act now,” Markey pleaded. “The Green New Deal is not just a resolution, it is a revolution,” he further added. So how to explain Markey’s sudden and incomprehensible change of heart? Markey voted “present” instead of yes by denouncing Republicans for holding a vote “without hearings, without expert testimony.” He also says that “we must act now” on climate change, though apparently, as the Wall Street Journal noted, his urgency depends on the meaning of the word “now.”

Senator Corey Booker likened the Green New Deal to fighting the Nazis. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand compared it to the moon landing. Senator Amy Klobuchar referred to it as “aspirational. Senator Kamala Harris described it a s “sound and important.”

The reason for the Democrats sudden cowardice and lack of enthusiasm for their own proposal? James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal said it best,

“Of course voters who accept the premises of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s climate zealotry can also reasonably ask how much Senators who voted “present” want to save our planet. The answer is that despite their rhetoric about existential threats to the planet most of them probably understand that by driving net U.S. carbon emissions to zero the Green New Deal would pose a more immediate existential threat to our way of life.”

What did principal sponsor of the Green New Deal,Alexander Octavio-Cortez have to say about the put up or shut up vote? Octavio-Cortez denounced the Senate’s holding a vote on her resolution as “a disgrace.”

Octavio-Cortez’s reaction to proposing a vote to enact her own eco-socialist utopia perfectly illustrates he Alice in Wonderland mindset of the lunatic progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

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