Democrats Lurching Left Right Off the Cliff

Reparations for descendants of slaves not a winning argument

Having learned nothing from the 2016 Election, one of the mistakes liberals continue to make, is their belief that Trump is so loathed by the entire country, that the Democratic Party can embrace far left, wacky policy proposals to placate the radical progressive wing of the party and the rest of the country won’t mind or notice.

The fantasy “Green New Deal,” is one such example of a hare-brained scheme that far too many Democrats accept as a legitimate and winning policy on which they can win elections. The fact that this idea was germinated in the unserious and undisciplined mind of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the new leader of the party, should have given more Democrats pause before signing on to the ludicrous proposal.

Another example is the idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves, an idea popular with left-wing academics and some members of Congressional Black Caucus.

The comments of Michael Barone is correct when he notes that,

Then, there is the issue of reparations for descendants of slaves, urged without much visible effect by longtime Rep. John Conyers and author Ta-Nehisi Coates, whose widely praised bestseller argued that America today is just as racist as ever and always will be. Polls show this position to be unsurprisingly unpopular. But Harris, Warren, and fellow candidate Rep. Julian Castro have now all signed on for “some form” of reparations.

If members of the party believe this is an idea that will go over well with the American public, they should try and explain how they would sell the idea to an unemployed white coal miner in Appalachia, that he is obligated to pay for the sins of those who lived over two hundred years ago and with whom his forefathers had no connection.

That Democrats are seriously entertaining both polices noted above, indicates how the hard left progressive wing has taken over the party.

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