Democrats’ Barr Lied To Congress Narrative

Like Captain Ahab, Democrats won’t give up until they’ve harpooned their Great White Whale

After Attorney General Barr completed his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, accused Barr of committing a crime for allegedly lying to Congress. Pelosi provided no details upon which a perrjury charge would be warranted, much less support a conviction.

The idea that Barr lied to Congress, centers on his testimony concerning Mueller’s response to his summary of the report. The only relevant issue is did Barr mischaracterize Mueller’s letter during his testimony earlier in the week?

All of the caterwauling by Democrats over this minutae is offered up as high drama, to deflect attention away from the fact theat Mueller’s report completely cleared president Trump of the charge of consorting with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

All the rest of the unfounded and bogus assertions, including the “Barr-lied-to-Congress sideshow, thrown against the wall to see what sticks, have been to no avail. Former federal prosecutor, Andy McCarthy has thoroughly and authoritatively debunked this canard.

The absurdity of the slanderous assertion that Barr lied to Congress is so obvious, as the complete Mueller report has been made available to the public with only minor redactions.

The Democrats are trying to make much ado out of the fact that Mueller’s letter expressing his displeasure with the manner in which his report was perceived, was somehow misrepresented by Barr. Let’s assume the Barr did mischaracterize Mueller’s letter. Even if true, this could never rise to the level of perjury , as it would be impossible to demonstrate intent to deceive, because all Barr did was offer his subjective opinion on the matter. The fact that Barr’s opinion on Mueller’s letter did not conform to the Democrats’ preferred narrative, namely, that Barr “lied” about the the extent and nature of Mueller’s dissatisfaction with the summary of the report. Barr is undoubtedly correct when he states that the letter was written by one of Mueller’s staff, who largely have been shown to be anti-Trump partisans.

Perhaps, those commentators arguing, that Barr should be imprisoned, for unspecified and fraudulent charges and now, likely contempt, for his refusal to appear for questioning by the committee lawyers, would do well to revisit the facts and circumstances surrounding Eric Holder’s contempt citation.

Holder administered one of the most blatantly political Justice Department’s in the nation’s history. Have Democrats forgotten about the border gun running enterprise Holder ran out of his office, when he was Atttorney General? Holder was found in contempt of Congress, for his obstruction of the investigation into his Fast and Furious gun running scandal, which was responsible for the death of a border agent. Yet curiously, I don’t recall the mainstream media making much ado over Holder’s wilful noncompliance with a Congressional suppoena.

The real reason for the hysterics, hyperbole and circus atmosphere, is that Barr will be investigating those within the intelligence agencies, Justice Department and FBI, who were responsible for creating and spreading, thorough a compliant media, the pernicious and false narrative, that Trump with the assistance of the Russians, robbed Hillary of her rightful electoral crown.

Democrats are trying to get ahead of the investigation Barr will be conducting, by attempting to assail his credibility, impartiality and integrity. That is the entire reason for the false and purely partisan claim that “Barr-lied-to-Congress.”

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