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Romney Excoriates Trump in Washington Post Op-Ed

Mitt’s Washington Post Waterloo

In a recent op-ed penned in the Washington Post, failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, once again trained his sights on the president of his own party, explicitly suggesting that Trump lacks the character for the position as the nation’s Chief Executive.

Romney then went on to blame president Trump for the current political polarization in the country and stigmatized him and his followers as racists, nationalists and misogynists; in short, he adopted all the unflattering buzz words spoken ad nauseam by the mainstream media and leaders of the opposing political party.

What true conservatives, particularly those who repudiated and exiled the Establishment GOP, find particularly irksome about Romney’s multiple criticisms of the president is the fact that he mysteriously finds no fault or grounds for criticizing extreme partisans within the Democratic Party.

Some would find Romney’s criticisms of the president more palatable were he to condemn the incendiary and spiteful rhetoric of the Democratic Party. Mitt calls Trump “divisive,” yet he spoke nary a word in protest during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings concerning the inflammatory characterization of his fellow colleagues as White Nationalists and White Supremacists.

Could Mitt not muster even the most benign reproach to members of the Democratic Party who openly called for mob harassment of their political adversaries. His silence on these matters is not only deafening, it is maddening. Was there no fault Mitt could find with the recent comments by Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson comparing Trump with Hitler?

Romney and other members of the establishment continue to demonstrate an appalling ignorance about the nature of the modern-day Democratic Party as well as the mainstream media Democratic Party complex. Romney, like the late John McCain, has willingly played the role of unwitting dupe and useful idiot for the mainstream media. Does Mitt not appreciate that the substance of his article inveighing against Trump is no different than the usual commentary one hears daily on CNN from some left-wing Democratic hacks?

Mitt is under the deluding that he is poised to play the role of Napoleon exiled at Elba, triumphantly returning to restore the Old Guard of the Republican Party to its former glory. That GOP was laid to rest, mercifully, after the last election. A question Romney has never asked, but should consider examining, is why did Donald Trump beat handily every candidate in the Republican Party during the primaries? Was it perhaps due to the fact that the rank and file rejected those policies that you seek to re-instate?

Not only does your failure to rebuke Democrats who revel in divisive and incendiary rhetoric make your allegiance to conservative principle suspect, it also is indicative of your poor judgment.

Romney’s article will prove to be his Washington Post Waterloo.

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