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Jim Acosta Beclowns Himself and CNN

The petulant display on the part of CNN’s Jim Acosta at the White House press conference recently demonstrates why the mainstream media is held in such low esteem.

During his protracted discussion with president Trump, the insufferable Acosta did what he does best: filibusters and grandstands. It is impossible to discern a legitimate question out of his extensive oration.

As predictably obnoxious and rude was Acosta’s behavior, I think it was unwise for the White House to suspend his press pass, as it instantly made him a martyr with his colleagues in the media. Trump should have ignored him and called on other reporters repeatedly, even if Acosta continued to hog the microphone.

Though one can find fault with Trump’s decision to evict Acosta, what is both disturbing yet telling is that not one of the reporters in the White House briefing room took Acosta to task for his monopolizing the floor.

Even if fellow members of the press vehemently disagreed with Trump’s decision, they could have at least demonstrated a modest measure of disapprobation with Acosta’s unruly behavior. This wasn’t the first White House reporter have witnessed the Jim Acosta show. By speaking out, the mainstream media, especially CNN, might have salvaged a bit of their ever-eroding credibility with the American public, but apparently, no political journalist thinks Acosta speechifying is a problem.

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