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Jeff Flake, Useful Idiots and the death of Bush Republicanism

It is not hard to see why Flake was lionized by the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex after his vitriolic speech aimed at the leader of his own party. The media positively gloated at internecine warfare in the Republican Party. That is why they have elevated John McCain for years as a profile in courage since he has made a habit of poking a stick in the eye of GOP conservatives who don’t toe the establishment line on immigration and free trade. Of course, as soon as McCain squared off against Obama, who was a demigod to the press corps, they vilified him mercilessly.

Flake’s performance was pulled right out of McCains’s playbook. No doubt Flake basked in the afterglow of all the media adulation he received after he excoriated the president of his own party, but the voters back home had a very different view. On the Senate floor, Flake lamented “flagrant disregard for truth and decency.” Later, asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper if he believed Trump was setting a “bad example for the nation’s children,” Flake replied, “Yes.”

Though he couched his reasons for retirement in lofty, high minded moral principles, exclaiming that, “More is now required of us than to put down our thoughts in writing,” the real reason Flake decided to retire, is because he stood no chance of being reelected, as reflected in his dismal 18% approval rating. Flake, no longer represented the interests of his constituents.

One of the reasons that Trump pummeled the Republican establishment candidates in the primaries is that GOP voters realized that pontificating and self-righteous gasbags like Flake were simply doing the Democrats bidding for them. Who needs an opposition party when members of your own team are only too happy to oblige.

Flake was part of the GOP establishment that was thoroughly repudiated last year. It is truly Trump’s party now.

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