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George Will Wants Republicans to Vote for Democrats This Fall

Fervent Anti-Trumper, George Will continues to make a fool of himself with his latest bombastic inculcation to members of the Republican Party. Will believes the only way to save our constitutional republic is for voters of the Republican Party to vote for the Democrats this fall.

At one time, Will was worth reading as he ably articulated the original principles of conservatism, even if he had no appreciation of the political tactics necessary to implement some of the conservative agenda. Will continues to demonstrate a willful ignorance of how ill suited Bush Republicanism was for dealing with the modern day Democratic Party.

As such, Will no longer has any utility for furthering any agenda that is right of center or moderate compared to the rabid left-wing extremism embraced by the Democrats. Will could be characterized as a “Bow-tie conservative”, one who is comfortable debating the finer and more arcane principles of the constitutional separation of powers, but who becomes aghast at getting his hands dirty in terms of what practical political steps are warranted and necessary for purposes of implementing any part of a conservative agenda.

During the early stages of the presidential campaign, Will’s embraced the Democratic Party theology of the “coalition of the ascendant.” Namely, that Republicans were doomed, because of the dwindling of the white population.

How foolish he looked on Election Day.

After rank and file Republicans rejected the establishments’s candidate of choice, Jeb Bush and started giving Trump victory after victory in the Republic party primaries, Will announced sanctimoniously, to great huffing and puffing, that he was leaving the Republican Party. No one cared.

Perhaps that his why he has issued his latest loony pronouncement in the hope that someone will actually listen.

Will’s embodies the worst of Bush Republicans, who have allowed they personal dislike of Trump’s mannerisms and vulgarity to dilate the most idiotic political choices. Jenna Bush claiming she can’t vote for Trump, but then pulling the lever for a woman whose husband defiled the Oval Office. Will engages in similar moral posturing.

There is no sane member of the Republican Party who seriously accepts Will’s idea that Trump is such a mortal threat to the country, that helping the Democrats enact their hard-left identity politics agenda, would somehow ameliorate the damage that Trump has allegedly afflicted on the Republican brand.

As Hot Air’s Allahpundit noted,

“I understand his disgust at the disgusting thing the GOP has become and his impulse to fire off the loudest rhetorical airhorn he can find and right in its ear to try to wake it. But voting for the party of open borders and anytime abortion? Of national handgun bans?”

The reason Trump is president is because Republican Party voters with their heads screwed on straight realized that the Republican “brand” was tarnished long ago, prior to Trump’s arrival on the political scene.

Will and his band of anti-Trump fellow travelers continue to exhibit the most bizarre behavior stemming from the shock of their wholesale rejection and abandonment by voters.

Trump has actually enacted more “conservative” policy goals in his short period in office than either of the two Bush presidencies. But Will opposes him because he thinks the Story Daniels affair tarnishes the presidency.

Does George Will, now a regular on MSNBC, think anyone will ever take him seriously again?

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