An Oprah Candidacy Would be a Perfect Match for the Democratic Party

Can you imagine the faces of Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris after Oprah’s Golden Globe address and all the media hoopla about her presidential demeanor that followed immediately thereafter? They both probably needed to be resuscitated. After all the recent political grandstanding in which Harris and Gillibrand have engaged in anticipation for a 2020 run, it must have been disheartening to see their personal political aspirations, in an instant, vaporized by their own party’s TV star.

The Democratic Party no longer has a coherent or inspiring political philosophy that is rational or based on any moral principles. That’s because in the political sphere, today’s Democrats don’t think, they emote. As such, Oprah and today’s Democratic Party are a match made in heaven. Oprah would be the perfect vehicle for expressing the current intellectual shallowness of the party.

Since the Democratic Party is now indelibly wedded to Hollywood, it is only fitting that the party’s next nominee should be a stage magician who is adept at manipulating and channeling the emotions of the public. For a party whose philosophical foundation is now based entirely on a tribal-like obsession with racial and gender identity politics, Oprah is manna from heaven, a veritable double header: she is black and a woman. Too bad for her potential primary rivals. In the game of identity politics baseball, the teams haven’t even gathered in the stadium and Oprah already has hit a double. Although she has expressed no interest, should she decide to take the plunge, the Democratic presidential nomination would be hers for the asking.

I weep for you Kirsten. Don’t even think about it Uncle Joe. Sorry Kamala, even though you hit two key Democratic Party identity politics buttons, Oprah has upped the ante. She is a billionaire and a consummate media insider. Yes Senator Warren, after laughing at the reality TV star candidacy of Donald Trump, your party would have no compunction nominating its own entertainment mogul.

The irony here for prospective Democratic candidates is delicious. Live by the identity politics sword, die by the identity politics sword.

The Democratic 2020 primary is going to be high entertainment worthy of the big screen. Let’s call the upcoming movie, Gone With the Identity Politics Wind, starring Oprah Winfrey. Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris will have supporting roles, but there will be no doubt as to who the real star is.

My advice to those Democrats who would challenge Oprah if she decides to run? Bon Chance. Save your time and money, because you don’t stand a chance. Hollywood has already expressed its preference and since the entertainment capital is one of your party’s most important constituencies, you are already going to be swimming upstream before the contest even begins.

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