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Covington, Trump and the Media Twitter Mob

Journalists saw the event as an opportunity to re-litigate the 2016 election

The answer to the question, why did deranged progressive journalists attacked the Covington high school students, with such ferocity, now becomes self-evident. The red MAGA hats weren’t viewed as a campaign prop by progressives, but rather, as a symbol of the politically incorrect, president the media loathed from the minute Trump claimed victory over the First. Woman. President.

Trump infuriated the mainstream media because he was the quintessential anti-Obama. The Covington incident was nothing more than another instance of the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex re-litigating the results of the 2016 election. They found an ample target in the students who were wearing the Pro-Trump headgear and that was sufficient to awaken Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Some perspective on the effect Trump’s election had on the media will prove instructive as to why the red MAGA hats triggered such a media Twitter mob firestorm.

For the media, perhaps the most unforgiving of Trump’s sins was his broadside attack against the cherished and sacrosanct ideals of the left as embodied in the pernicious ideology of political correctness, that [click to continue…]


Small-Cap Stocks Are Back in Vogue

After enduring a near-death experience in the later part of 2018, there are now signs of life in the small-cap sector.

Starting in late 2016, the small-cap sector soared on an unbroken upward trajectory as the Russell 2000 index surged past the S&P 500. For most of 2018, small stocks delivered enviable double-digit returns. While the S&P 500 rose 8.5% in the first eight months the year, the Russell 2000 posted a 13.4% return. However, later in the year, the surge in the small-cap sector unceremoniously halted.

Small-cap stocks took a pounding during the last quarter of 2018, with the Russell 2000 index dropping more than 16% from its all-time high in August. The index sank 12% in December alone, ending the year with its worst annual return since 2008. Although the market as a whole declined and experienced record volatility [click to continue…]


Postscript: The Students of Covington High School

Besmirched, libeled and slandered, the Covington High Catholic teenagers became the object of progressive fury, the likes of which the country has never before witnessed.

The incident following the March for Life, will become a watershed moment in our political history. The ensuing Twitter mob laid bare the pernicious nature of progressivism; it exposed the intellectual bankruptcy of the movement; it demonstrated the alliance between the mainstream media and progressive ideology and it gave us a preview of how the Democratic Party’s is going to continue its lurch leftward right off the cliff.

It is clear now that the grievous offense committed by the fifteen year olds that precipitated the is that they were Catholic and were wearing the Make America Great Again red hats. The fact that they don’t believe in abortion extremism made them an easy target for progressive ideologues. But the boys sealed their, fate by [click to continue…]

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Covington Kids Must Atone for Wearing the Red MAGA Hats

Even though original story has been thoroughly discredited, media refuses to apologize because students deliberately wore hats that symbolize racism and hate

Although the furor generated by the inocuous interaction between Native-American Nathan Phillips and a group of students from Covington High School has subsided, no apologies have been forthcoming from many of the unrepentant media mouthpieces who viciously attacked the students and who defiantly continue to exhibit no remorse.

Here is a sampling of the vitriol, spite and calls for violence against the Covington High Schoolers that escaped from the lips of the progressive intelligentsia:

This from the execrable CNN commentator, Reza Aslan: Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s? pic.twitter.com/jolQ7BZQPD

— Reza Aslan (@rezaaslan) January 20, 2019.

Not to be outdone by his CNN colleague,

CNN legal analyst Bakari Sellers wanted the boys to be punched.

“He is deplorable,” Sellers tweeted. “Some ppl can also be punched in the face.”

CNN’s Ana Navarro also deleted a tweet that likened Covington parents to paper towels in a toilet.

The fact that CNN hasn’t fired these reprobates, tells one a great deal about that network, the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex and the pernicious nature of progressivism.

The controversy has now entered a new phase whereby progressives now argue that the additional facts that thoroughly discredited left-wing commentators original version of events are irrelevant and of no consequence because the behavior of the Covington kids was nonetheless still deplorable and inexcusable. As such, no retractions by liberal pundits who were part of the Twitter mob are necessary or warranted, because the conduct of these teenagers was still needlessly provocative.

The comments of James Fallows of The Atlantic, provides a useful template to understand how the incident was framed by progressives and why, despite evidence to the contrary, the boys are [click to continue…]

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The Narrative

The Covington High School Native American incident and the debunking of BuzzFeed’s “bombshell” Trump Russian collusion story signal that the media no longer reports the news, but rather are storytellers

Back in 2004, The Boston Globe published on its front page sexually graphic images that purported to show U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women. The image was abhorrent and unleashed a torrent of criticism of American soldiers in Iraq.

The only problem was, the photograph was a fake. Then editor, Marty Baron said, “There was a lapse in judgment and procedures.” The much touted editorial firewalls and protections for reporting integrity were completely ineffectual. The reason the photograph made it through the editorial safeguards was that those charged with ensuring reporting integrity accepted the photograph as true, because they wanted it to be true. Authentication was unnecessary because the image comported with their view that U.S. soldiers were engaged in acts of barbarism and torture.

Fifteen years later, editorial poor judgment within the mainstream media abounds. In the span of three days, journalists proceeded to surpass their already rock-bottom approval ratings for credibility, by [click to continue…]


Mueller Refutes Buzzfeed Story that Trump Told Cohen To Lie

Another breathless “ unexploded bombshell” Russian Collusion story turns out to be a dud

Emergency crews were called in yet again to defuse another Russian collusion “unexploded bombshell” report

Buzzfeed reported Thursday night that it had first-hand evidence that during the election, president Trump told his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the status of his construction project in Moscow. Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Shep Smith thought it highly unusual that not one other major news organization was able to corroborate Buzzfeed’s story. When this occurs, usually it does not bode well for the veracity of a journalist’s report.

The special counsel’s office came out immediately on Friday with an extraordinary statement casting serious doubton the Buzzfeed’s story as well as the attribution for the claims.

When the Buzzfeed story initially broke, it provoked a feeding frenzy in the Mainstream Media. The usual suspects, CNN and MSNBC covered the story incessantly, claiming that Trump’s impeachment in light [click to continue…]


Washington Women’s March Collapsing

March leader Tamika Mallory refuses to renounce anti-Semitism of Louis Farrakhan

Numerous individuals as well as sponsors, including the NAACP, the DNC and the Southern Poverty Law Center, have pulled out of the Women’s March in Washington due to one of its founders and co-presidents refusing to renounce her support for virulent racist, Louis Farrakhan.

The infighting among the groups leaders is an example of one of the great dilemmas for Progressivism. Sooner or later, revolutionary hard-left, extremist movements inevitably start to eat their own. The Jacobins of the French [click to continue…]


Gillette Ad: Why Many Men Found It Offensive

It is possible to object to the ad, in whole or part, without being a misogynist or Neanderthal

There are a host of legitimate reasons why many men found the Gillette #MeToo ad offensive. In this regard, it is instructive to note the reaction of women who contend that those men incensed at the ad, represent Exhibit A for the argument on the necessity of making the ad. In short, all you men who find the ad distasteful, of necessity, must be misogynists who are cheerleaders for Les Moonves and Charlie Rose.

Feminist Kirsten Powers reflects the prevailing viewpoint of many of the women whose attitude towards men who object to the ad is “Get over it.”Powers starts from the premise that there is a toxic masculinity problem. The idea of “toxic masculinity” is a term that is pristinely undefined, or is defined in a manner that suits feminist, progressive dogma at the moment.

The whole idea of “toxic masculinity” is noting more than a bootstrapping argument that takes the isolated instances of debauched men and foments a nationwide crisis for [click to continue…]


2019 Stock Market Overview

2019 will be a year of adjustment for investors

During the last month of the previous year, the stock market experienced some wild tergiversations, setting new records for single day declines as well as single day point rebounds. In December, investors seemed to be afflicted with a bad case of bipolar disorder: one day pushing up the market; the next, selling off on purported bad news, whether it was adverse developments in the trade spat with China, or new projections for interest rates based in some cases, solely on comments made by Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell.

In some cases, monumental silliness abounded. Many analysts became unduly mesmerized by minutiae; they obsessed over the most [click to continue…]


The ad is an attempt to staunch the bleeding, as the company’s mens razor market share continues to erode precipitously

The reaction to Gillette’s toxic masculinity ad has been swift and so far, unforgiving. Procter & Gamble shareholders must be wondering: was the company’s decision to run the controversial ad a brilliant marketing ploy that will ultimately inure to the bottom line, or a needless act of self-immolation?

At first blush, one’s initial reaction might be that airing the vexatious ad was an imprudent decision, likely to cause an unwanted backlash. Many are calling it an unexampled and suicidal act of corporate marketing stupidity. A shaving products company should not be in the business of virtue-signaling. Right?

But, not so fast…

Gillette seemed to believe that it could replicate Nike’s [click to continue…]