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Democrats Call Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez New Face of Party

Democrats continue their implacable lurch leftward right off the cliff by showering praise on the latest star of their party, unabashed Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. None other than DNC chairman, Tom Perez has claimed she is the new face of the Democratic Party.

Ocasio-Cortez, like her mentor Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, has called upon the Democratic Party to offer voters a lot of free stuff. In addition, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  has issued the battle cry for progressives to occupy airports to protest the treatment of migrants at the border. That stunt, if attempted, will truly put them in the good graces of voters. In addition of course, she is calling for the abolition of ICE, a position no different from every one of the Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls.

Ocasio-Cortez now feels enabled to continue spreading her gospel of socialism, no doubt due to the effusive praise showered upon her by leading Democrats as well as from a solicitous media who has been treating her like a rock star.

I thought the GOP was the stupid party but the Democrats have one-upped them by associating the party with this idiot.

It is going to be great fun watching the Democrats walk themselves right off the cliff as they continue to embrace the philosophy of the perpetually-angry Bernie SandersSmatters, whose ultimate goal is to turn the United States in to a 21st century version of Denmark.

If Democrats truly believe that Ocasio-Cortez is the wave of the future, then Republican should do everything they can to assist the Democratic Party destroy itself by political acts of self-immolation.

I agree with Guy Benson who wrote in Townhall recently,

“Abolish ICE” is an ascendant litmus test for the Democratic Party’s left-wing base, attracting sufficient support as to inspire hilarious backflips from craven panderers with presidential ambitions. Some “progressives” went so far as to file a bill to dismantle the immigration enforcement agency.”

In short, their own bill would have given them enough rope to hang themselves. It would have forced the finger-in-the wind politician, Kristen Gillibrand to vote and then ultimately reverse her position. Why then did the stupid party not force a vote on the issue? As Benson further notes,

The GOP plan, based on widespread reports, was to give Democrats a chance to actually vote on their colleagues’ (will unpopular) idea. Recognizing the trap, the authors of the legislation balked at their own idea, amusingly denouncing the planned vote, on the exact bill they championed, as a “stunt.”

It is mystifying then, why the GOP congressional leadership would refuse to assist Democrats in their walk-back?

It seems like the Republican Party is incapable of capitalizing on gifts handed to them on a silver platter.

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