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Democrats Lose Shutdown Showdown

The shutdown strategy of the Democrats backfired when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer after three days, caved to Republicans and received nothing in return for Democrats precious DREAMERS. Some progressive commentators, who followed the usual script that Democrats always win government shutdown battles, badly misread public sentiment on the issue and now have egg on their face.

Schumer read the polling data over the weekend and it was clear that the Democrats strategy of closing the government to protect a class of illegal immigrants who were granted privileged status through Obama’s unconstitutional executive order, wasn’t selling well with the American public. In short, despite all the bravado by Schumer, the Democrats were willing to hold up pay for military personnel in order to protect illegal aliens — a disastrous political miscalculation.

No doubt Schumer thought that with the media in their pocket on this issue, Republicans would be blamed and Mitch McConnell would cry “Uncle.” In the end, it was Schumer and the Democrats who were humiliated.