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Public is Turning Against Silicon Valley Tech Giants

Recently, tech visionary, venture capitalist and Trump supporter Peter Thiel decided to leave the ideological conformity of San Francisco for Los Angeles. Thiel found the atmosphere in the Bay Area suffocating and had tired of the inflexible doctrine of identity politics and “diversity” preached and practiced by the commissars of political correctness in the corridors of the tech industry.

Thiel isn’t the only one disillusioned with the direction of the captains of the social media sectors, whose businesses manufacture no tangible products, but rather are built on the development and utilization of software for harnessing the potential of the Internet.

Now, many individuals from across the political, social and economic spectrum are questioning the wisdom of allowing these companies to enjoy their monopoly positions. In fact, the increasingly visible loathing of these tech giants, cuts across party lines, with conservatives and liberals both agreeing that steps need to be taken to curb the growing and unchecked power these businesses exert over peoples everyday lives.

Google’s unprecedented market domination is coupled with an arrogance that is breathtaking.

This imperiousness was on display when Google fired James Damore because he had complained about the ideological conformity of the company and the fact that it discourages free expression. Google engaged in this public humiliation of one of its conservative employees without any compunction or fear of adverse consequences.

Google embodies the very worst authoritarian aspects of progressivism. Google belongs to the exclusive club of progressives who cynically proclaim that they are all for diversity, but not diversity of thought.

Google and other Silicon Valley companies embody the very worst authoritarian aspects of progressivism. It is perfectly permissible for them to impose the religion of diversity on their employees and others, but those who challenge politically correct orthodoxy are likely to be castigated and publicly shamed like Damore.

Damore’s case is going to backfire on Google and will have the effect of only accelerating calls to reign in these corporate and unaccountable behemoths — the robber barons of the 21st century.

As Megan McCardle notes, the behavior of Google was precipitous and ultimately counter productive,

That was stupid, because Google has an immense amount to lose, even if a court ultimately vindicates its corporate culture. The company’s internal systems, featuring an immense array of internal employee communications, will be ripped open to scrutiny. If I were a Google executive, I wouldn’t want to bet that employees haven’t said much worse things in emails and on message boards than those featured in the lawsuit. Things that are plainly, inarguably, expensively illegal.

But I also wouldn’t want even milder utterances to turn up as testimony in a lawsuit. Because every nasty comment and intemperate remark about Republicans or white males or conservative Christians is going to get broadcast to the public when this case goes to trial. And as you may have noticed, those folks are half the country.

Perhaps Google thinks its market position is so strong that it doesn’t have to worry about piddly things like whether its employees spend a great deal of time using internal systems to slander half the company’s American customer base. What are you going to do, use another search engine?

Both Google and Facebook have taken steps to suppress publishing conservative political views. Critics argue compellingly, that since Google and to some extent Facebook, exercise inordinate power over who and and what is likely to get published on the internet, they act not as a substitute for the free exchange of opinion in the public marketplace of ideas but rather as a biased gateway that seeks to stifle views that are viewed as heretic.

Increasingly, the view of these oligarchs is for a country where technocrats who embrace globalism will rule and the rest of the country, the deplorables, who have no tech skills will be forced to become rent-seeking serfs, whose masters, as Zuckerberg once proffered, will agree to pay them a guaranteed income. Their vision, in essence, is for a new feudal order.

Advancement of one’s career in this new workplace will be based on politically correct leftism.

Unfortunately for Zuckerberg and his technocrat allies, there are far too many Americans, predominantly those in flyover country who helped elect Trump, who don’t share his vision for the future of the country.

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