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George W. Bush’s Comments in Dubai on Illegal Immigration Epitomizes the Clueless GOP Establishment

The recent comments by a clueless George W.Bush demonstrate why Donald Trump beat the GOP establishment candidates like rented mules.

In Dubai, Bush criticized the failure of the Trump Administration to accomplish immigration reform. Yet oddly, as Victor Davis Hanson notes, “Bush is far more critical of Trump’s efforts to reach a compromise on DACA and border security than he was of Barack Obama’s illegal and politically expedient 2012 pre-reelection executive order nullifying immigration law and enforcement.”

Bush violated a long-standing rule not to criticize one’s government while on foreign soil. Why Bush chose to criticize a president of his own party, while remaining mum for eight years about the disastrous policy of Barack Obama is mystifying and indicative of how the Republican elites have more in common with Democrats than they do with members of their own party.

Bush then went on to recite predictably what every Republican proponent of the boondoggle known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform has claimed, namely that illegal immigrants perform a necessary and valuable service because they perform the jobs that Americans won’t do.

Bush continued by stating that the U.S. should welcome and thank both legal and illegal immigrants. Does Bush know, or even care that this statement is patently false as Hanson further notes,

The old Republican idea that illegal immigration is a good thing because noble foreign nationals work hard and cheaply for businesses in a way unemployed Americans “will not do” is not a sustainable factual, ethical, or political position. About half of illegal immigrant households use some sort of government assistance, for example.

Nor does Bush and most of the GOP Old Guard understand that there are costs, social and economic to American blue collar workers, of unrestrained illegal migration.

If ever there was a caricature of the out-of-touch Republican elite, Bush, like all his other fellow travelers in the Republican Party, played perfectly, yet again, the role of media dupe and useful idiot for the Democratic Party.

Bush’s position on immigration and a host of other issues reveals why the old Republican Party is dead and will never be resurrected.