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Trump’s State of the Union Address

Last night, President Trump delivered one of the best and well received speeches of his brief political career. His tone during the duration of the state of the union was confident, assured and throughout, he used the unifying pronoun “we”, unlike the previous president who always spoke about matters of national importance in the first person. Although not explicitly stated, the message to Democrats was clear: the GOP won the election and it was Trump’s intention to implement those policy initiatives that he championed as a candidate.

Prior to the speech, liberal Democrats insisted that it was Trump, and Trump alone who was obligated to reach out to help bridge the partisan divide. This assertion is ludicrous. Why must it be Trump that bends, if only partially, to Democrats preferred policy positions?

If bringing the country together is the most pressing issue for these pundits, they should then answer the following question: is it not incumbent upon the party that lost the election to seek common ground? Do out-of-touch beltway commentators who argue the Trump-must-bring-the-country-together point strenuously recall the words of Barack Obama to House Minority Leader Paul Ryan during a “bipartisan” discussion on health care? “I won,” Obama curtly reminded Ryan.

Trump’s introduction of his guests in the gallery was masterful. Few in the chamber could have found reasons not to applaud the accomplishments of each of these courageous and selfless individuals.

For those who pleaded for a call to unity, Trump used our flag and the occasion of rising for the national anthem as two examples of symbolism that have always been viewed as indicative of our belief that we are, in the end, one nation.

The national anthem is one of the symbols whose purpose is to acknowledge and celebrate our unity. A national sporting event such as the Super Bowl offers a wonderful opportunity to do just that. Because of the context in which Trump’s state of the union comments about patriotism and unity were made, even though they may have knelt during the regular season, any player who refuses to stand for the national anthem at the Super Bowl is going to look small, petty and partisan.

And the Democrats? The Congressional Black Caucus couldn’t stand, or at least remain seated and applaud, at the news that Black Unemployment is at an all time low? Democrats disgraced themselves during the speech by pouting and refusing to applaud at unobjectionable and politically innocuous passages of the speech.

Trump’s comments on immigration were perfectly consistent with the policies he said he would implement when he was running for president. As a gesture of good faith, he offered the Democrats an enormous concession — amnesty for nearly two million Dreamers, up from the previous benchmark of approximately 700,000. Trump’s new proposal raised the ire of many conservative immigration restrictionists. What was the reaction of the Democrats when this issue was presented during the speech? More sitting on their hands.

Over the past several weeks, the Democrats extreme position on immigration has been revealed to voters. They have no longer made it a secret that illegal immigrants are now a necessary component of their coalition.

They recently demonstrated to the American people that they are willing to shut down the federal government on behalf of a small number of illegal immigrants. The line in the speech that “all Americans are Dreamers”, was inserted to remind voters of this fact. The Democratic Party continues to lurch leftward on this issue and will continue to do so until they fall off the cliff.