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The Democratic Party is Being Held Hostage by Its Left Wing

Eugene Robinson’s Tuesday article in The Washington Post is entitled: GOP Trying to Make Democrats Self-Implode. The brief answer to Robinson is that the Democratic Party is doing a fine job of imploding all on its own. The GOP has nothing to do with the civil war raging between its left wing and old line establishment of the Democratic Party; Republicans are merely gleeful bystanders witnessing Democrats acts of self-immolation.

Let’s start with the lunatic Congresswoman from California, Maxine Waters. After the incident at the border, she called on a mob to harass Trump Administration officials and then in the same breath had the gall to tell a cheering crowd that “God is on our side.” In Waters, the Democratic Party has found its Robespierre and will henceforth operate under the watchful eye of cooky fringe liberals like Waters who they have delegated as head of the Committee on Public Safety.

As historian Crane Briton, chronicled in his notable work, The Anatomy of a Revolution, most insurrectionists or left wing radicals who seek to upset or destroy the existing political order, wind up eating their own. During the final stages of the convulsions released during the French Revolution, it was Robespierre himself, in the end, who was forced to walk up the wooden stairs to the guillotine, where he had sent so many before him.

The party elders dare not rebuke Waters because she truly represents the radical wing of the party and that is where the energy lies in today’s Democratic Party. Democratic Party officials have encouraged the Bernie Sanders wing them to declare war against the Administration, in the hopes that stoking the rage will help them in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia called the Red Hen by its owner. Because of her standing in the Trump Administration the owner felt it was her moral duty to refuse to server Sanders. After all, Trump’s odious policy of child separation at the border — an occurrence that happened during the Obama Administration — was indicative that he had transmogrified in Adolf Hitler, standing at the gates of Buchenwald, watching the trains bringing the separated illegal immigrant children to their death in the ovens.

The Left has now reduced the horrors of the Nazi regime to a mere triviality, undoubtedly because these agitators who utter this profanity with increasing frequency are wholly ignorant of history.

The events of the past month have truly been remarkable in terms of defining or bringing into focus the future direction of the Democratic Party. The migrant crisis on the Southern border, the paroxysms and convulsions that ensued have demonstrated that the path the Democrats are following leads to ruin.

The celebration of the election of a self-proclaimed socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who dethroned Congressman Joe Crowley, the No. 4 leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives and a ten-term incumbent, is a further indication that the party is continuing its inexorable lurch leftward, eventually until they fall off the cliff.

Lest there be any doubt about what the election of a left wing socialist portends, DNC Chairman, Tom Perez erased any doubts when he said that, “Ocasio-Cortez Ocasio-Cortez represents the ‘future of our party.” What is one of Ocasio-Cortez’s priorities? Abolishing ICE of course, a position that is increasingly becoming popular among Democrats. Their clamoring about ICE will only reveal that their policy on illegal immigration is not to have a policy; they are for open borders.

The Left always overreaches, it is in their ideological DNA. The leaders of the Democratic Party have encouraged these radicals to engage in the most egregious attacks against Republicans and by their silence, have tacitly endorsed their abominable behavior. The Democrats would have no problem turning this country into a banana republic if such a course of action would cement their grip on political power.

The American people are going to respond to this contemptible behavior unfavorably come November.