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Mueller Refutes Buzzfeed Story that Trump Told Cohen To Lie

Another breathless “ unexploded bombshell” Russian Collusion story turns out to be a dud

Emergency crews were called in yet again to defuse another Russian collusion “unexploded bombshell” report

Buzzfeed reported Thursday night that it had first-hand evidence that during the election, president Trump told his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the status of his construction project in Moscow. Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Shep Smith thought it highly unusual that not one other major news organization was able to corroborate Buzzfeed’s story. When this occurs, usually it does not bode well for the veracity of a journalist’s report.

The special counsel’s office came out immediately on Friday with an extraordinary statement casting serious doubton the Buzzfeed’s story as well as the attribution for the claims.

When the Buzzfeed story initially broke, it provoked a feeding frenzy in the Mainstream Media. The usual suspects, CNN and MSNBC covered the story incessantly, claiming that Trump’s impeachment in light [click to continue…]


Washington Women’s March Collapsing

March leader Tamika Mallory refuses to renounce anti-Semitism of Louis Farrakhan

Numerous individuals as well as sponsors, including the NAACP, the DNC and the Southern Poverty Law Center, have pulled out of the Women’s March in Washington due to one of its founders and co-presidents refusing to renounce her support for virulent racist, Louis Farrakhan.

The infighting among the groups leaders is an example of one of the great dilemmas for Progressivism. Sooner or later, revolutionary hard-left, extremist movements inevitably start to eat their own. The Jacobins of the French [click to continue…]


Gillette Ad: Why Many Men Found It Offensive

It is possible to object to the ad, in whole or part, without being a misogynist or Neanderthal

There are a host of legitimate reasons why many men found the Gillette #MeToo ad offensive. In this regard, it is instructive to note the reaction of women who contend that those men incensed at the ad, represent Exhibit A for the argument on the necessity of making the ad. In short, all you men who find the ad distasteful, of necessity, must be misogynists who are cheerleaders for Les Moonves and Charlie Rose.

Feminist Kirsten Powers reflects the prevailing viewpoint of many of the women whose attitude towards men who object to the ad is “Get over it.”Powers starts from the premise that there is a toxic masculinity problem. The idea of “toxic masculinity” is a term that is pristinely undefined, or is defined in a manner that suits feminist, progressive dogma at the moment.

The whole idea of “toxic masculinity” is noting more than a bootstrapping argument that takes the isolated instances of debauched men and foments a nationwide crisis for [click to continue…]


2019 Stock Market Overview

2019 will be a year of adjustment for investors

During the last month of the previous year, the stock market experienced some wild tergiversations, setting new records for single day declines as well as single day point rebounds. In December, investors seemed to be afflicted with a bad case of bipolar disorder: one day pushing up the market; the next, selling off on purported bad news, whether it was adverse developments in the trade spat with China, or new projections for interest rates based in some cases, solely on comments made by Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell.

In some cases, monumental silliness abounded. Many analysts became unduly mesmerized by minutiae; they obsessed over the most [click to continue…]


The ad is an attempt to staunch the bleeding, as the company’s mens razor market share continues to erode precipitously

The reaction to Gillette’s toxic masculinity ad has been swift and so far, unforgiving. Procter & Gamble shareholders must be wondering: was the company’s decision to run the controversial ad a brilliant marketing ploy that will ultimately inure to the bottom line, or a needless act of self-immolation?

At first blush, one’s initial reaction might be that airing the vexatious ad was an imprudent decision, likely to cause an unwanted backlash. Many are calling it an unexampled and suicidal act of corporate marketing stupidity. A shaving products company should not be in the business of virtue-signaling. Right?

But, not so fast…

Gillette seemed to believe that it could replicate Nike’s [click to continue…]


Just when you thought the most pathetic cable TV news channel in the world couldn’t sink any lower, along comes regular CNN guest, left-wing loudmouth Ana Navarro, who began filing her nails during a debate on illegal immigration with former Trump adviser, Steve Cortes.

Navarro’s insouciance about the problems of illegal immigration has for years made her the perfect mouthpiece of the establishment GOP, who exhibited the exact same attitude on securing our Southern border as Navarro: utter and complete indifference.

In keeping with their quest to present to the viewing public the most vitriolic, uninformed and partisan commentators, Navarro will surely continue to have an illustrious career at CNN.


Redefining Conservatism in the Internet Age

Tucker Carlson has set the stage for a robust debate on the need for conservatism to evolve

Tucker Carlson set off a firestorm recently with commentary that suggested the long-held tenets or assumption of conservative philosophy need to be reevaluated and reexamined in the 21st century of the tech giants.

Carlson has done conservatism an enormous service by raising some substantive issues that conservatives in particular and the Republican Party in general have studiously avoided and that must be discussed if the Party and

conservatism as a social and political philosophy is to have any relevance in the era of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Carlson is correct when he suggests some of the inviolable principles of conservatism are no longer meaningful in an age when there is a growing disparity in wealth and a small number of corporations exert a disproportionate impact on our daily lives. Carlson raises the important [click to continue…]


Return of the Useful Idiot

Romney’s op-ed reminds conservatives why they banished the Establishment GOP to the hinterlands

Mitt Romney started the New Year with a bang, by writing a highly critical op-ed in The Washington Post, harshly rebuking the president of his own party. Romney may have thought he was calling attention to Trump’s character defects, but all he accomplished, even if unwittingly, was to raise the ire of conservatives and remind them of the rank and manifest stupidity of former leaders of the party Establishment. Romney’s attack also provided Republican voters an occasion for self-congratulation on the decision to banish witless Republicans like Romney to the hinterlands during the last election.

Romney exhibited one of the most emblematic and unforgiving characteristics of the Old Guard of the party: playing the role of useful idiots for the Democratic Party and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the mainstream media.

Romney’s rebuke of Trump, penned in the paper that serves as the official communications organ of the Democratic Party, clearly indicates he has been afflicted with a terminal [click to continue…]


Jill Abramson, former executive editor of the New York Times, recently said the paper has become “unmistakably anti-Trump”.

This is supposed to be a revelation? Her criticism of her former employer is unremarkable, banal, almost trite. Of course the Times is anti-Trump; it was previously anti-Romney and anti-McCain. The paper has been the official communications organ of the Democratic Party for the past thirty years. This fact is so self-evident and so incontrovertible, that Abramson’s comments are hardly going to raise any eyebrows.

Following the directive of its executive editor, Dean Baquet, the “paper of record”, crossed the Rubicon during the later stages of the presidential election when the campaign of their candidate of choice started to crater. Abramson’s critique is unenlightening, although she does belatedly agree with the proposition that the mainstream media has become [click to continue…]


Romney Excoriates Trump in Washington Post Op-Ed

Mitt’s Washington Post Waterloo

In a recent op-ed penned in the Washington Post, failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, once again trained his sights on the president of his own party, explicitly suggesting that Trump lacks the character for the position as the nation’s Chief Executive.

Romney then went on to blame president Trump for the current political polarization in the country and stigmatized him and his followers as racists, nationalists and misogynists; in short, he adopted all the [click to continue…]